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David Browne - Microsoft

1584.13 (2,634th)
18,386 (7,542nd)
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Title Δ
Can a SQL Server Feature Pack of a certain version (2012, 2016, etc... 0.00
Dynamic approach in Azure SQL DW to get only those column names fro... 0.00
Automatic calculation on a column while creating a table using SQL... 0.00
From Microsoft Power BI to flask web application 0.00
SQL Server: how to update duplicate records using partition by clau... 0.00
Any more concise way to construct parameter list for dynamic exec s... 0.00
SQL Server Insert Into Table containing a column "Timestamp (R... 0.00
Choosing column in where condition dynamically 0.00
Getting error "Static method requires null instance, non-stati... 0.00
Ok to have Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core in the same p... 0.00
Cannot grant CHANGE TRACKING permission at database level 0.00
Filla Datatable with a stored procedure result 0.00
Getting Conversion error even though CTE should have only good dates 0.00
Getting a DbUpdateConcurrencyException after deleting all data from... 0.00
SQL Server XML Parsing Null Result 0.00
Did the TYPE_NAME function change any data in my database 0.00
Limit size and/or frequency of user queries in SQL Server 0.00
Does it make sense to use interfaces as type of private members? 0.00
C# Entity Framework: Update Only First Batch Records and Stop 0.00
Recognize whether LazyLoading is active in Entity Framework directl... 0.00
SQLNCLI is Deprecated, but is that only for SQLNCLI OLEDB, or for S... 0.00
Function returning wrong result in dynamic query 0.00
Can't grant ALTER permission on database role? 0.00
How do I link two tables of the same name across two Azure SQL Serv... 0.00
Entity Framework Core 3.1.7 : failure during Update of record 0.00
Save to Excel - out of memory exception 0.00
SQL Server Graph database 0.00
Entity Framework Unique Across Multiple Columns 0.00
SQL Server does not catch link server timeout error 0.00
What is the difference between creating a table on partition scheme... 0.00
Foreign key in of Answers in Question may cause multiple cascade? 0.00
EF Core 3.1.7 Read Only Properties 0.00
Comparing two byte arrays in SQL Server 0.00
Delete a row from cursor while using the cursor 0.00
Could not load file or assembly 'System.Drawing, Version=4.0.0.... 0.00
Assembly version mismatch exception when connecting to database wit... 0.00
there are not Primary or candidate keys in the referenced table ... 0.00
Using a Scalar Function that expects a Table Parameter inside an Ap... 0.00
How can I revert to changes made by Running Custom tools in .tt fil... 0.00
How to implement Entity Framework if my tables have unconventional... 0.00
DateTime serializers omitting milliseconds? 0.00
Import 100 images from folder into SQL Server table 0.00
SQL Breakdown Hierarchy 0.00
How to security access onprem database from Azure AppService 0.00
bring down logical reads 0.00
alternative to xp_cmdshell bcp? 0.00
How to pass a table name as variable to a stored procedure 0.00
SQL server Date = @date but executionplan xml show it in inequality 0.00
Deadlock with EF 6 entity update but not ExecuteSqlCommand 0.00
How to retrieve multiple rows from a SQL Server stored procedure us... 0.00