An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1492.31 (4,362,058th)
394 (330,816th)
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Title Δ
print element in list based on a specific element +0.37
Python Bitwise OR 0.00
Simple "if" branch in one line 0.00
How to simulate random encounters in python -1.90
Modify values in dictionary, adding amount 0.00
Convert from for-loop and while-loop to while-loop and while loop P... 0.00
Three questions about atexit -1.48
slicing string in list using list comprehension +0.66
Multiply odd indices by 2? +3.52
windows cant find dll even thought its in a directory in the PATH 0.00
Unsure how certain code works +1.92
Converting an alphanumeric string into a numeric one in python -3.20
TypeError: int() argument must be a string, a bytes-like object or... +4.14
How do a split integers within a list into single digits only? +2.71
Manipulating an integer in python -1.29
Python 2.7: if-else condition to find any ip address from range 10.... +0.12
Can't extract information of a file -3.00
Get nth element from numpy array -2.30
Errors with c++ pointers to arrays: invalid type argument of unary... -2.98
Refactoring specific nested loops in c++ 0.00
Assignment or increment operator in c++ 0.00
Matrix multiplication MPI 0.00
argument of type "int" incompatible with parameter of typ... -0.99
C++ getline in for loop -4.09
C++ Aborted (Core Dumped) when returning a vector from a function +3.98
What is constexpr in C++? -3.55
Problems with array convertion -0.32