An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1458.07 (4,402,856th)
2,322 (72,243rd)
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Title Δ
Kotlin SDK vs Java SDK 0.00
How does the relational "is equal to" operator work 0.00
How is the String in a main method refer to someText in another met... +0.43
Print the even numbers from a given list -0.26
Print comparison as a number instead true or false in python +0.85
Input radius for diameter, surface and circumference output is not... +0.06
The write command wont function when put into my code +0.06
printf("%2d") in C programming +0.98
Why can't I print a variable I just defined? +0.56
Newton's method for approximating square roots 0.00
check if number and convert Fahrenheit +1.59
Limiting time.sleep() function to one loop in python -0.19
Compare results in a for loop c++ -0.43
type a cin command more than once +0.01
Questions involving inheritance, Deallocation of pointer objects an... +0.61
How to calculate the average within an array of struct? -0.07
How to assign a new value outside the while loop 0.00
Finding vowels in user input array -0.19
C++ do while loop not working -0.06
Understanding of for loop and function c++ +1.45
`cin >> variable` doesn't wait for input 0.00
Finding Perfect Numbers with a C Program 0.00
I don't know what is causing a segmentation fault +0.29
Output of this code is not what I do expect. Where is the issue? +0.06
Changing CLion's cmake colors 0.00
Can't run my code in codeblocks for ubuntu 0.00
What is the correct format for the address (&) and indirection... 0.00
Need help getting VOID code working w/ gross pay +0.07
I'm creating cmd command prompt from scratch 0.00
double tabs printed when writing single tab in c++ strings -1.49
C: print an array +0.62
who can help to explain what is wrong in my code..counting sort of... +0.37
There are unresolved includes inside <iostream> +1.20
What is wrong with my do...while logic, and continue logic? +0.01
Why wont CLion compile on my Mac? 0.00
integer array element with leading 0 showing garbage output -1.42
void pointer in function call in C++ vs C +1.57
C++ Issue Using Getline +0.07
Why does the following while loop work with an AND, as opposed to a... 0.00
Expected expression before token +0.58
Mario CS50 in Python +0.07
My c++ programm keeps crashing ist my code bad? -2.23
cs50 initials error with printed output 0.00
c++ cast int to double not working 0.00
No matching call function error for fstream 0.00
C - Why do I keep printing out the Memory Address instead of the va... -0.86
Decimal integer to binary in C +0.57
C while(false) loop -0.94
How do I go about getting the real result for 50%60 in C++ +0.46
const char* classname::getname( ) const ? whats the meaning of firs... +0.57