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Spasoje Petronijević

1479.24 (4,373,456th)
108 (663,606th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to get the latest value for a message key from kafka... -3.47
How do I run a single JVM with multiple spring boot applications? 0.00
Does Kafka supports different consumers reads the same partition wi... +4.14
Java volatile keyword - why this code terminates 0.00
Multiple PostgreSQL database creation in a docker-compose file -3.65
Spring data jpa and json query 0.00
Mongodb update with $concat and field missing +4.07
How to manually acknoweldge offset after multiple commits 0.00
Cannot get JWT Token from Zuul Header in Spring Boot Microservice M... 0.00
How to I make sure that throwing a HttpClientErrorException causes... +4.25
Accepting request body in controller method -3.43
lombok @Data complains "lombok needs a default constructor in... -3.57
How to valid duplicate element in a list in java spring? +2.85
How to parse String with multiple delimeters into long 0.00
How to process events which are out of order using Kafka Streams +0.43
How to purge all kafka data for fresh start in a dev environment -4.42
Java Optional and orElse +2.00
How to find the specified field in spring-data-jpa 0.00
which is memory consuming calling a method twice or storing value i... 0.00
How to change spring resources list name? +4.39
MockMvc remains null -3.87
Content type 'application/json;charset=UTF-8' not supported... 0.00
No default constructor found when using ModelAttribute with a Boole... 0.00
Microservice communication - determine if some entity exists in dif... 0.00
No Qualifying Bean (NoSuchBeanDefinitionException) Available Error... 0.00
Override bean in Spring Boot 2.1 slice test with nested TestConfigu... 0.00
Unsatisfied Dependency of RestTemplete component when unsing @Compo... 0.00
Spring REST endpoint with varying query parameter type -3.66
Spring bean destroy method as a non class method 0.00
How does __consumer_offsets keep offset for two consumers? +4.08
Why does my Kafka consumer poll so quickly? 0.00
Java Unit Testing: Mocking method that returns a boolean not workin... -3.82
kafka consumer max-poll-records: 1 - performance 0.00
How to query the last value of a record in apache kafka topic -3.93
Will calling merge method on a managed entity without changes updat... +4.06
Java' SimpleDateFormat parsing dates incorrectly -3.50
Is message order not guaranteed using KafkaEmbedded? 0.00
Java Optional getter not working in modelmapper +3.97
How to convert String to Date (Unparseable date: "03062019&quo... 0.00
Kafka and Zookeeper Scripts Not Found Using Docker 0.00
Find list with entries which have max version of this entries 0.00
How to use http patch request in spring boot? +0.13
Called the same javascript array function and behaving is different 0.00
What does it mean a Type Parameter on generic interface? -1.61
How bittorrent tracker works? -3.64
Should I call the method abstract in Java? -0.09
iterator.remove() deletes object from database -4.48
Update password not working -0.08
Spring MVC GET request with Java 8 Instant request parameter -0.22
@RequestBody attribute is empty after ajax POST method call +4.09