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Osman Omar

1491.22 (4,273,261st)
45 (1,060,087th)
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Title Δ
How to update a complex json object based on array of objects 0.00
How can i get ngx-mask masked value? -3.94
[Django]How to display a message(correct or incorrect) after submit... +3.93
Best practices for storing articles' texts in django website 0.00
read text from url line by line in python 0.00
list index out of range when upgrating python/django 0.00
decrease count of length when delete in Angular -3.58
How to type out what I write in input field when I click a button i... +0.09
Update whole table to apply new custom save() method +4.01
PHP POSTGRESQL database connection 0.00
Calculate a value from GraphQL and save it in Django models 0.00
How to delete existing image while uploading new image in django 0.00
JQuery Datatable is only working with empty (no data) tables 0.00
passing php variable as function argument +4.17
Get a value inside a modal PHP HTML 0.00
How to transform specific-structured array into a "tree"-... -3.97
On upload, rename a file based on filled in cells 0.00
List all days between two defined is back same date PHP -2.19
what is the better way for array indexing ? normal 0,1,2,3 or any s... 0.00
Retreive element from PhP array -1.34
Passing multiple object into an array as 1d -2.17
How can I split a two-character string and assign it to separate va... -1.78
Looping for loop in PHP -2.01