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Martin Zikmund

1553.92 (6,730th)
26,590 (4,783rd)
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Title Δ
C# Sometimes 1.0 isn't 1? 0.00
When running a new uwp app as an update to an old one, is there a w... 0.00
Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.DataGrid - how to get cell value from butt... 0.00
How to put a complete dark theme into my UWP? 0.00
WriteAllText method returns the last row, instead of the entire row... -0.41
Visual Studio "Auto" width / height in XAML-Designer -0.10
Check whether file has read only flag in UWP -0.33
Display meeting in CalendarView - Windows 10 UWP 0.00
System.InvalidCastException: 'Unable to cast object of type ... 0.00
Wasm Exception when adding a RepeatBehavior and a Duration to a Sto... 0.00
How to override user accent color in UWP app -0.29
UWP Map Control - Resize MapIcon Images 0.00
How to transfer information between the main window and an AppWindo... 0.00
The sourcearray is not long enough C# +0.42
Can I know if my app is allowed to pair with unpaired devices in UWP? 0.00
How to show HTML content in TextBlock using XAML from UWP app? 0.00
UWP how to get access to file in folder +0.53
How to embed mp3 files in IOS/Android/WebAssembly with UnoPlatform 0.00
Position XAML child by location and size 0.00
MenuFlyout always focus second item of it When down Key is Pressed... 0.00
Is there an API for a UWP App to Self Uninstall? C# 0.00
How to tell if the user already rated my UWP app? -0.33
Is it possible to integrate AdMob in an Android app using Uno Platf... +0.40
Full screen mode for non-UWP app heads in Uno Platform 0.00
How to Update Layout Page content from Child Using mvvm in Uwp 0.00
Remove whitespace in elements in string C# +0.67
UWP Minimal Window Size larger than 500x500 0.00
UWP x:bind issue - Invalid binding path 'dpl' : Property &#... +1.69
How to read a file in UWP with Windows.Storage 0.00
UWP / Xamarin crash in submission tests when I try to upload a micr... -0.07
UWP full-screen mode: how NOT to show taskbar/blue rectangle on mou... 0.00
Win2d UWP fluid animation canvas line 0.00
Generate Doc file using OPEN-XML SDK in UWP 0.00
Open executable jar from Unity UWP 0.00
How to get supported visual states of a control in UWP 0.00
Array of ints - does not exist in the current context -1.09
How to create a custom font size in xaml using Xamarin, so that you... 0.00
How to fix MySQL.Connection.Open() error in release version of a UW... 0.00
How to use System.IO Serializers in UWP with Windows.Storage 0.00
Is there a way to reset a UWP app using powershell? -0.07
Enumerate UWP MIDI API devices from C# console application? 0.00
How to enable Wallpaper Change Transition in Windows 10 using UWP? 0.00
StartupUri not recognized in UWP 0.00
Why does the "this" keyword print exactly what toString()... +1.40
Access to the File System UWP 0.00
UWP: Defaul xaml file (view) is not being displayed as supposed to 0.00
ListView does not update immediately after I add a new item to the... 0.00
Translation resources no longer display default translated string a... 0.00
UWP - How to convert a ResourceDictionary XAML Style to C# 0.00
Gaussian Blur Effect on UWP can't brush? 0.00