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Rating Stats for

Martin Smith

1733.10 (58th)
225,186 (69th)
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Title Δ
SQL Montlhy Budget Query with running totals 0.00
Determining "longest X streak" from a table (SQL Server 2... +1.08
SQL Server : executing query conditionally -1.38
Is it possible to produce phantom read in single SQL Server query? -2.91
Customizing Dates with CAST function using SQL Server -2.68
Why SQL Server stored procedure selecting encrypted data into varia... 0.00
T-sql subscript only numbers from string, cannot use create procedu... -0.30
How to use tally tables filling 0's in multi column query using... +0.73
How to select only first ROW_NUMBER combined with SUM -0.73
How to convert NVARCHAR to BIT in mssql -1.08
Order by from different table column very slowly 0.00
Use generated identity for another column within the same insert on... 0.00
Optimise Running Multiplication Calculation in SQL server -1.20
SQL Server storing wildcards in data +0.88
Incorrect value inserted into SQL server table when inserted value... 0.00
SQL Server - Split a row into multiple rows 0.00
List pairs of bacteria affected by same antibiotics -0.40
Get DISTINCT COUNT in one pass in SQL Server -2.01
SQL Server Exists return type +0.20
How does SQL Server detmine the next value in a sequence? 0.00
Need to create function for SQL Server +0.83
Is there a way to compare 2 columns of table in SQL Server 0.00
How to choose top groups then ungroup 0.00
How to find out what is represented by the intermediate value used... 0.00
How to select overlapping date ranges in SQL +1.09
How to merge the two table columns into one table in SQL Server +1.18
A user has multiple sessions ,overlapping and individual sessions,... 0.00
Cross Join Performance issue -3.18
Assigning Multiple Select Results to Variables 0.00
Rowstore index on Clustered Columnstore - cardinality estimation mi... 0.00
Aggregate for each day over time series, without using non-equijoin... +0.05
How to select strings which don't contain letters in SQL? +0.20
Character-by-character comparison strings in sql -0.62
T-SQL How to get all records where a specific char is repeated cons... +0.78
SQL UNION - Adding Source -0.79
Why is there a big difference in latch waits for an update against... 0.00
CPU% Cost Query in SQL Server 0.00
Cross Apply With Aggregates 0.00
SQL Server 2008 rounding and comparison issue 0.00
Using a function in a WHERE statement 0.00
How can I tell if a column can be made into a varChar from a nVarCh... -1.21
Grouped random sample MS SQL Server 0.00
SQL Server: Key Lookup without Clustered Index +1.34
VS Database project Error with %%physloc%% 0.00
Rewrite recursive CTE using while loop +0.19
What would be an alternative for sum(distinct)? 0.00
how to remove all ',' after last word in SQL 0.00
XACT_ABORT not rolling back a transaction on SQL Server 2012 0.00
Semicolon before throw statement 0.00
Calculate total when lower level table is amended in SQL Server 0.00