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Martin Smith

1720.58 (83rd)
426,666 (84th)
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Title Δ
What is the time resolution of Cosmos DB Change Feed? 0.00
Why does SUM from one table rises if I do an INNER JOIN with anothe... +0.22
Insert default value in view without creating table in SQL -2.61
Create a temporary table dynamically from calling an stored procedure +0.20
SQL Error during Lazy Loop awaiting Azure DB resize 0.00
@@RowCount return 1 even the previous select condition was False 0.00
C# / SQL Server: how to recurringly lock / truncate / update table... -0.32
tSQLt testing isnt working while my teachers is 0.00
Variable in case with error in false clause aggregation +1.38
'DATEFROMPARTS' is not a recognized built-in function name-... -2.83
What's the Differences between These Two Strings? +0.20
Does system_user run multiple times inside of a SQL statement? 0.00
Can temporal tables be applied to a view? 0.00
What is "ON" in the end of the query? 0.00
Dropping and creating persisted computed columns causes SQL Server... 0.00
SQL scalar function msg 107 after upgrade to 2019 -0.29
SQL Scalar UDF returns expected results and then returns a consiste... 0.00
How to make inequality SARGable for my first_name column? +1.00
Unnecessary LEFT JOINs on all Child tables from main LEFT JOIN tabl... +1.15
How do you query text in a SQL Server XML column 0.00
SQL Server - drop multiple columns with IF EXISTS at once 0.00
Creating in MS-SQL a primary key results in a dynamic index name fo... +1.23
Strange query plan on max(date) query on a View 0.00
SQL XML Column - Cross Apply to Produce Multiple Rows based on XML... 0.00
How to update column by insert sub query in SQL Server +0.22
Check if first part of string is present in a list of values within... +0.19
Set value based on count distinct 0.00
SQL Server openjson 0.00
Converting yyyymm date to yyyyqn SQL -1.07
Why is the sql_handle for the same session not consistent between s... 0.00
SQL join table with it self given partition 0.00
When create database in SQL Server 2016 log file size is huge 0.00
SQL Server Increment all digits in column by 1 0.00
How to Select Non Contiguous lines in SMSS 17.9 0.00
I want to write more than one value in "case when" in &qu... +1.23
String or binary data would be truncated: Error not caught by TRY_C... 0.00
SQL Server parameterized query does not use Non Clustered Filtered 0.00
ansi_nulls: some ways to check it don't seem to work +0.85
Select current row and all previous rows from a table -2.89
SQL get values within quotes 0.00
How to create table with computed column and if statement? +1.12
Dynamically concatenate all columns in table +0.36
Add spaces before capital letter +0.22
GROUP BY with nested case expression - is there better way? +1.23
Query performance of non clustered index during inner join 0.00
Search sequence pattern in SQL Server +0.11
How to select last three non-NULL columns across multiple columns +0.85
Check for specific value in another table as a constraint 0.00
Check If Database Exists in SQL Server 0.00