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Martin Smith

1728.35 (66th)
348,398 (68th)
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Title Δ
select from missing table error in subquery (after WHEN EXISTS in C... 0.00
How to create a `Union` based on a comma-separated string list -0.25
How can I get a random number generated in a CTE not to change in J... +0.21
How to skip rows with same column values in SQL Server? -1.94
Why is there a difference in precision range widths for decimal? 0.00
SQL Server 2016 weird behavior - OR condition gives 0 rows But AND... 0.00
EXEC sp_executesql - capture RETURN value and OUTPUT value from sto... -2.74
how to get the first and last day of each month in a year? 0.00
How Alias increase performance -0.66
Get Distinct characters from a given string in sql server -1.19
Alternative to NOT IN in SSMS +0.95
Is it possible to parse key:value pairs in SQL 0.00
Which database stores sys.tables or sys.indexes in SQL Server? +0.21
Do DECLARE assignments consume time at runtime? 0.00
Why DELETE TOP(X) statement is not deleting the same records that a... -3.19
Why doesn't this windowed expression result in a divide by zero... +0.17
Problem with scalar UDF inlining in SQL Server 2019 0.00
SQL Server: How do I sort and compare lots of versions? +1.95
Why am I getting "Operand type clash: date is incompatible wit... 0.00
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '%' to... +0.21
How to do binary search by table with known data order in specific... +0.44
Querying a view after creating a clustered index on it still yields... 0.00
Why is my SQL Server 2017 query returning incorrect results? 0.00
SQL - Comparing Dates in 2 Tables, Retrieving Most Recent -1.12
Loop through XML using SQL +1.44
SQL: How to get both match and non-match records +0.06
Select row with least value in multiple columns without ROW_NUMBER +0.47
How does SQL server determine the data type of a column derived thr... +1.47
why is AS (column name alias) not getting latest result? +0.20
Query won't convert a nvarchar(30) to a decimal +1.07
Using the OR operator - SQL Server -2.90
On SQL insert, write the new row's assigned ID in a second column 0.00
inner join performance issue with or condition -0.89
SQL Server performance issues when using EXCEPT in query +0.63
Capture SysEndTime on SQL Server temporal table delete +0.75
GROUP BY ROLLUP Producing unnecessary rows 0.00
Can this business rule be enforced with an index? +0.83
Why is query with phone = N'1234' slower than phone = '... +1.00
How would one create a DATE column that is updated via a DATETIME c... 0.00
Trigger to Avoid Deletion of Last Row of that Value SQL Server +1.07
Filter Out NULL Columns from GROUP BY CUBE Results 0.00
There is a better way to write this sql query (union)? -2.88
Only saving disinct rows in temporary table +0.27
Split a long string into an array of shorter strings in SQL 0.00
Subtract one number range from another 0.00
How to optimize this SQL Server query 0.00
TSQL Continuous Membership for specific Period of time, simplify WH... -0.17
Special Pattern by SQL LIKE clause +0.63
How to find pair relationships between rows in a very large table +0.21
SQL: Unexpected results with SUM and COUNT functions 0.00