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Martin Smith

1733.77 (56th)
361,748 (70th)
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Title Δ
finding part of a long string in a column of short strings 0.00
Updating / Inserting row only if it's different from current va... +0.21
Select every row from Table A which are not in Table B +0.21
SQL query to return any 100 rows quickly without scanning entire ta... +0.21
Does the concatenation of NULL + 'something' always yield N... +0.21
How can I see the rowcounts for tables in a log analytics workspace? 0.00
Is an Index seek operation more costly compared to index scan when... 0.00
CTE is a Best Practice instead of temp table? 0.00
SQL Server mismatch row count in SELECT and UPDATE query with same... 0.00
Execution times of subquery for an IN statement 0.00
date function will return different date if date changes while exec... +0.20
Use CONSTRAINT keyword when creating a table -0.28
Would `merge` statement guarantee the same value of a `default curr... +0.19
Handling objects being different for different SQL Server Versions 0.00
Lock the concurrent reading row table 0.00
Unexpected NULLs in outer join +0.79
Decode Base64 using a column as a variable 0.00
UPDATE trigger for a table that is updating thousands of times dail... 0.00
Is there a way to display INNER JOIN entries in the order they'... +0.01
How to create a user defined function such as ISNULL? Parameter is... 0.00
Conditionally fallback to different join condition if stricter cond... -0.58
Different JOIN values depending on the value of another column +1.35
How to drop a database if a variable with its logical name exists i... +0.92
SQL Server 2016 non clustered index is not being used while orderin... 0.00
How to return T-SQL query with column names as first row +1.37
Show next date (LEAD) based on simple condition 0.00
How to make this code reusable in SQL Server 2016 (except Union all) +1.09
Does SQL lock tables when queries return results greater than 5000... 0.00
Merge Rows based on unique ID in form of a JSON set in SQL +0.22
Very slow query with TOP and ORDER BY +0.71
Is it possible to get if a stored procedure is called within anothe... +0.70
Concatenation of INT columns warning: Type conversion in expression... 0.00
Binary(16) field Is truncating Guid's trailing zeros +0.26
Azure SQL table partitions Ignored when queries contain simple func... 0.00
SQL Server DDL trigger not firing 0.00
SQL query for XML data +1.32
Passing a string to a stored procedure from Python produces an error 0.00
How and when does SQL Server occupy memory for variables? 0.00
More efficient to SELECT constants vs using VALUES when INSERTing a... 0.00
compare columns only when NOT NULL -0.64
select from missing table error in subquery (after WHEN EXISTS in C... -2.03
How to create a `Union` based on a comma-separated string list -0.25
How can I get a random number generated in a CTE not to change in J... -0.79
How to skip rows with same column values in SQL Server? -1.94
Why is there a difference in precision range widths for decimal? 0.00
SQL Server 2016 weird behavior - OR condition gives 0 rows But AND... 0.00
EXEC sp_executesql - capture RETURN value and OUTPUT value from sto... -2.74
how to get the first and last day of each month in a year? 0.00
How Alias increase performance -0.66
Get Distinct characters from a given string in sql server -1.19