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Martin Smith

1725.38 (73rd)
380,966 (75th)
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Title Δ
Executed Query Performs Differently to Query (identity insert on is... 0.00
SQL Performance wise which one is better Distinct or group by 0.00
SQL SERVER generates different and unoptimized execution plan for t... 0.00
Value and TYPE in XML PATH 0.00
What is the theory behind when DELETE or UPDATE query comes in a Re... 0.00
Table Value Constructor performance 0.00
Standard Deviation of a Row 0.00
General performance expectation joins or subqueries in the select c... 0.00
Coalesce equivalent for NULL or zero amount 0.00
Setting multiple variables' value in one IIF() of a SELECT stat... 0.00
SQL code to find if a series of lists do NOT contain a particular v... -0.28
SQL - How can you use WHERE instead of LEFT/RIGHT JOIN? +0.68
Converting month name to month number in SQL Server +0.65
Rewrite SQL script without repeating same nested queries 0.00
Return statement inside If condition does not work in SQL Functions 0.00
Could not devise a query plan for the given query for full outer join 0.00
How to start a new row number every time, when there is a change in... 0.00
Filtering the same query 3 different times. Performance? -0.98
How to declare advanced SQL query in C#? -0.71
Count records with a specified condition from from a list of tables... +0.22
SQL Server Index column order performance optimization for order by 0.00
SQL Server : while Update querying is executing, cannot execute del... 0.00
Trying to understand the solution to the puzzle convert comma-separ... 0.00
How can I prevent integers being silently turned to asterisks in SQ... +0.21
Select string from multiple columns -2.62
Why use key lookup instead of rid lookup since rid lookup is faster? -0.29
JSON_VALUE with square-bracket terminated JSON object 0.00
how to filter out the year using mask characters or any other trick... +0.21
Use asterisk in count with table alias T-SQL -0.71
Why aren't there duplicates in a recursive SQL "range"... 0.00
SQL Server bad performance with a lot of ORs and repeating criteria... +0.94
MS SQL Server View not allowing CONCAT +0.21
Why does ISNULL(NULL, NULL) return int datatype? 0.00
SQL Server - OPTION CLAUSE -0.04
OUTER/CROSS APPLY Subquery without FROM clause +0.72
Unable to convert varchar to date +0.74
BEGIN TRY and EXECUTE dynamic simple query error 0.00
SQL Server - Reasons for OPTION (FAST N) to choose other execution... 0.00
Which is faster (ISNULL(@SKU, '') = '') or (@SKU IS... -1.52
XML exist method not filtering records in SQL Server 2012 +1.23
SQL Server: Perfomance of INNER JOIN on small table vs subquery in... +0.21
Date portion should be defaulted to 1900-01-01 0.00
Result order of string_split? -2.05
Message 102 Level 15 error SQL Server: Incorrect syntax 0.00
Is it better to use parameter or column value when copying data fro... +0.94
Parallel updates causing deadlock when no clustered index in where... -3.09
How do I get list of Physical Partition in Azure CosmosDb, is there... -0.79
Can't place OPTION (Recompile) after WHERE Clause in SQL Server 0.00
Uncommitted transaction asking every time in SQL Server 2012 +0.21
SQL Server conditional join techniques +1.06