An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1480.58 (4,319,690th)
44,966 (2,347th)
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Title Δ
How to find min value of multidimensional dict? 0.00
How to print all possible paths of a binary tree given that I have... 0.00
Permutations with condition +0.03
Updating dictionaries of list from another dictionary python 0.00
Problems with recursive function 0.00
How to number elements in a list of string and return a new list? -0.69
How to delete specific values from a nested dictionary? -1.15
List of dicts to multilevel dict based on depth info -0.93
How to "join" partially hidden numbers by * (Python) -0.56
Match all combinations of list with other list -0.87
Recursive dict flattener with dynamic key names Python -0.47
How to generate a list of all distinct 3x3 Latin Square in Python 0.00
Single liner for converting dictionary values into a separate dicti... +1.30
Parsing through nested JSON keys -1.52
Sum of nodes in a subtree (not binary) -2.18
Python recursion to sort list of tuples into tree structure -2.08
How to generate random binary tree -1.03
Recursively find adjacent coordinates for n-dimensional array -1.34
Removing key from all level of a dictionary in Python -0.66
Converting a dictionary to a list of lists -0.12
How to generate sequential sublist of a list with a skip -1.19
How to recursively call a function in python to drop every element... -1.80
Recursively add file-index to dictionary in Python 3 0.00
python: Update values of dictionary recursively 0.00
Merging pair set to list -0.07
CSV transformation all combinations of row columns -0.49
Validate a input dict schema -1.15
Nested List Comprehension clearing one list during iteration +0.50
Determine number of leaf nodes in tree vs. non-leaf nodes -0.49
Sum of all elements that are equal in a list with python -0.86
Python Flask HTML Routing arguments 0.00
Creating combinations with restrictions to each element without ret... -1.49
What is an optimal data-structure for retrieving id-values recursiv... -2.07
json cleanup and remove bad columns and unnecessary lists 0.00
Convert camelCase to snakeCase -1.73
Find all combinations of pairings between two lists x and y, such t... +0.15
Combine all permutations of lists within a dictionary in python 0.00
Converting lists to list of dictionaries +0.61
Restructuring the hierarchy of dictionaries in Python? -0.34
How to get all iterations of a list of lists? 0.00
how to change each nested list in a different index? -1.34
Python - Unnest List of Dictionaries +0.48
Return a list of paths to leaf-nodes from a nested list of lists +0.49
Get possible paths -0.32
Split a number into all possible groups of digits, maintaining orig... -0.73
Convert values from a dictionary to a matrix -1.93
parsing nested functions in python -0.80
Aligning two strings: Bigramm/Buble -0.49
How to convert csv with multiple values in a cell into nested json... 0.00
How to find & add substring between the last two backslash? -2.23