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Cris Luengo

1569.38 (3,976th)
24,445 (5,255th)
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Title Δ
Washer measurement with DIPlib 0.00
How to create a vector with the pattern [1 2 5 6 9 10 13 14 17 18 .... 0.00
Optimizing algorithm calculating (sin(x)-x)*x^{-3} (in matlab) 0.00
Using persistent variable on MATLAB 0.00
When applying Gaussian filter the image becomes dark 0.00
Basler camera and DIPlib 0.00
invalid write of size 4 when assigning sum to a matrix 0.00
Modern equivalent of the superiorto() function 0.00
Iterations in morphology closing 0.00
Reproduce MATLAB's imgaborfilt in Python 0.00
Gaussian filter for image bluring 0.00
separate_stains output of one channel and conversion to grayscale 0.00
What is difference between (CountNonZero) and (Moment M00) and (Con... 0.00
How to open MATLAB_R2020a through the terminal using a shortened co... 0.00
Counting circles using morphological operations 0.00
Same result as expected but with a different format on hackerrank w... 0.00
Width and height of a rotated polyshape object - Matlab 0.00
Regionprops vs. PodczeckShapes/DIPimage Circularity question - Matlab 0.00
Creating a binary image 0.00
Subclass constructor refuses to accept any name-value arguments 0.00
Random walker algorithm how a gray-level image can be 3D? 0.00
Inscribe circle of an object rotated results - Matlab 0.00
Robustly finding the local maximum of an image patch with sub-pixel... 0.00
Only work with upto 8 decimal places in Octave 0.00
Faster way of putting Matrix elements into vectors other than a for... 0.00
This statement is not inside any function 0.00
DIPimage measure missing argument 0.00
Matlab - regionprops triangularity and ellipticity 0.00
noise when i use cv2.connectedComponentsWithStats -0.10
Can end statement replace endfor statement in Octave? +1.66
MaxFeretDiameter value using regionprop - Matlab 0.00
What is octave "find()"-ing? 0.00
Tiff format in Matlab 0.00
Identifying positive pixels after color deconvolution ignoring boun... -0.51
How to flip image in matlab without using built in functions? -0.62
How to shuffle within a specific dimension in a multidimensional ar... +1.33
Running Matlab function from linux command line -- syntax error? 0.00
Min filter in Python using OpenCV +0.41
MATLAB 3D matrix, max in different directions + rotation using MIP +0.36
Why the brightness of the image got reduced after applying gaussian... 0.00
Default get method that returns specific property - MATLAB -0.10
Fast general replacements for ind2sub and sub2ind MATLAB 0.00
Why bilinear scaling of images with PIL and pytorch produces differ... 0.00
MATLAB imread() wrong gray scale 0.00
FFTW Complex to Real Segmentation Fault 0.00
Adding Parts of Matricies Slower than Whole -0.60
Interpolate matrix of complex numbers 0.00
Why is it that passing an image through a low pass filter yields va... 0.00
11x11 box filter kernel 0.00
How to save binary of multi-dimensional matrix in Matlab and load i... +1.64