An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Chris Zwiryk

1507.33 (106,199th)
1,261 (126,987th)
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Title Δ
Byte array output as an Image +4.40
How do I program a queue to launch external applications in ASP.NET? -2.14
VS2005 .net 2.0 c# : Best way to create xml file +3.81
positioning inside an HTML table -4.58
Run methods as service c#? 0.00
ASP.NET Profile/Trace Framework +3.88
Is it possible to destroy a session variable set by ASP.NET (VB.NET... +1.26
Maintain scroll position in listboxes in updatepanels, NOT the page +4.04
Scrum and Fogbugz 0.00
Getting jQuery to recognise .change() in IE -3.83
Why is there not a ForEach extension method on the IEnumerable inte... +1.63
LINQ and Database Permissions -1.30
Using JQuery, what is the best way to set onclick event listeners f... -3.12
Branch / merge management in Subversion 1.5 +4.06
Is there some way to compile a .NET application to native code? +0.18
VB.NET Empty String Array -0.03
How do I style (css) radio buttons and labels? +4.02
How do I reference a javascript file? -2.74
SimpleModal breaks ASP.Net Postbacks -2.87
Assembler IDE/Simulator for beginner +0.66