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François Andrieux

1640.72 (666th)
16,025 (8,712th)
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Title Δ
Difference between narrowing and truncation in C++? +0.98
std::vector pop_back() implementation -1.44
remove_if removes element even when predicate returns false? +1.37
How does these 2 functions act as getters and setters? 0.00
Variable initalization with curly brackets 0.00
Automate Setting IDs according to Number of Instances 0.00
How does one deal with various errors in statically typed languages... 0.00
How to get object type of pointer to non-static data member at comp... +1.27
C++ : Why reference to stack allocated object treated same as refer... +1.30
Why are my data elements being copied instead of moved? +1.29
std::future<>::get empties the result 0.00
Convert int array to std::vector<int*> +0.90
Modern way to have a map that can point-to or reference data of dif... +1.45
conversion from 'size_t' to 'const double', possibl... +0.92
What is the most efficient and the clean way to compare two integer... 0.00
Sorting vector of vectors without comparator or lambda function? +0.35
does checking for nullptr 100% protect from segfault regarding memo... +1.79
Difference between signed, signed int and int in C++? +1.88
why does calling an overloaded function with arguments that don'... +1.19
C++ sync between two threads using a mutex without using conditiona... +0.32
How do I conditionally compile c++ source files in Visual Studio 20... +0.90
are all variables stored contiguously based on the order in which t... +0.54
How do you access variables that are allocated on the heap in C++ e... 0.00
Handling exceptions inside destructor (but not throwing out) 0.00
How do I initialise an std::array of non-trivial objects in a class... +0.27
Why bitwise OR and AND logic is not working as expected? 0.00
c++ virtual class function returning instance of concrete subclass +1.77
Use C++ shared_ptr to wrap C struct with deleter -1.31
Infinite waiting on condition variable 0.00
Does c++ provide a way to make a whole struct constant (non-modifia... 0.00
Why does the std::find for vector return a iterator instead of the... 0.00
From a tuple of types to an array of values returned by calling a t... 0.00
Upcast using reference in C++ 0.00
Defaulting multiple arguments -1.42
How to fix 'no match for ‘operator*’ (operand types are ‘Matrix... -0.01
How getchar() function output +1.02
Force class construction exclusively inside factory -0.17
Initialize a class with an array in C++ 0.00
How do I expand integer_sequence? 0.00
Work around disregarded constexpr in Visual Studio? +1.53
C++ std::unique is not showing what I am expecting from it +1.13
Overload resolution in case of templates and inheritance in unique_... +2.67
Memory for std::queue allocated on heap or stack -0.18
How is NULL defined in C++? 0.00
Why does bool casting is called? +0.33
C++ `this` pointer +0.69
using statement and protected constructor +1.67
Trying to edit static variable of parent A class for all child clas... 0.00
Why does std::is_nothrow_move_constructible return false with user-... 0.00
Why does std::future::wait_for not wait for the correct duration? +0.01