An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1558.76 (5,840th)
2,501 (67,489th)
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Title Δ
Parse text files from multiple folders and create new ones [shell] +1.43
trigger a command on a remote path from /tmp +2.36
select only projects where modified date in log_table is from the l... 0.00
Concatenating black-list to use as AWK gsub regex in CSV file 0.00
using sed with variables to replace quoted string in bash -1.08
Workaround for run sp_rename from within a transaction on SAP/Sybas... 0.00
How to get first and second part of a string in bash on last occurr... -0.00
Aggregate CSV data based on unique ID using command-line tools +0.34
Workaround for restriction: Another Execute Immediate statement can... 0.00
check last character of command output -1.32
For loop to increment +0.05
Shell script to sum columns associated with a name -1.54
Shell script to sum columns associated with a name +0.62
Cut hex addresses without having them expanded into text +1.78
How to make sed avoid replacement after specific symbol -0.78
Extract lines containing range in a dhcp conf file +0.15
Replace nested for loops in bash -1.60
Using SED to replace specific patterns found within parentheses? +2.06
sybase table Lock with semicolon at end of insert statement 0.00
Linux - How to write a glob pattern to that matches all file names... 0.00
How to replace a specific line in a file with a string variable usi... +0.12
millisecond epoch conversion in Sybase ASE 0.00
After finding a file, how to write parent directory name to new file? 0.00
How to use both a variable and a changed variable in the same command 0.00
Possible to get the count of var from "xml_grep --count"... 0.00
Replacing numbers with their respective strings in awk -1.77
Associative Array with List of Files as Values … -0.33
Bash: checking substring increments with modular arithmetic +1.97
Sybase ASE 15.7: Create Trigger such that before inserting I want t... 0.00
changes on primary are not getting replicated to standby in SAP ASE... 0.00
Bash string parameter is printed with unnecessary apostrophes -0.69
Combining multiple csv files in bash, splitting the lines into diff... +2.17
Looping through fields and print previous line in awk -1.62
Difference between RANDOM and SRANDOM in Bash 0.00
Make sed to ignore multi-line single or double quoted block +2.31
For a file with hundreds of thousands of blocks of data, how can I... +2.10
AWK assign upper value for rank assignment during tie -0.98
reformat list string with spaces -0.85
Finding Matching Strings Within Paragraphs +1.05
best way to extract column from line in bash? -2.06
Clear part of associative array 0.00
How do you select a certain part of a grep output? +0.37
how to iterate over awk result -1.49
Find a line with a single word and merge it with the next line +1.90
Bash/AWS CLI: Trying to figure out how to validate an array of upti... +0.06
moving sql logic to backend - bash +1.82
How to read certain words from a line and store them in different v... +2.16
Ways to provide list of parameters to options in shell scripts? 0.00
How to fuse the informations of two lines, if pattern matches two l... 0.00
So I have changed my script to find the product of two numbers in s... 0.00