An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1561.30 (5,265th)
60,498 (1,517th)
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Title Δ
Xcode: How to find which storyboard controller includes an UITableV... 0.00
Using @Binding with type casting in swiftui 0.00
Remove chart padding 0.00
Why can't Swift add two Ints? +1.86
Images for retina screen (@2x) -0.05
Mac + Mono + VB + LINQ = Not Compiling 0.00
Calling a method on super.super in objective c? -1.12
Total size of bunch of gzip files folder 0.00
Decrypting salted AES file generated on command line with Ruby 0.00
get powershell output in ruby 0.00
IronPython 2.7.4 Exposing Application Object Model 0.00
Cannot generate keystroke written to device kernel with input.h Linux 0.00
Persistent Regex Highlighting with Sublime Text 2 0.00
Passing a uniform to a vertex shader causes it to not render a quad +0.43
Mathematica not round small value to zero 0.00
UILabel is not resized with autolayout -0.68
Elegant way of turning Dictionary or Generator or Sequence in Swift... 0.00
Swift - unicode code point that represented by integer 0.00
Convert Float to Int in Swift -0.45
how to avoid replay attack without using time-stamp 0.00
Using grep command to find a file in "*.py" 0.00
Boundary Fill Algorithm in Opengl 0.00
Why does -[NSString compare:options:] return true when the strings... 0.00
Why does gcc/clang use two 128bit xmm registers to pass a single va... -0.24
jump-to-mark (C-u C-SPC) in emacs python mode not working -0.70
read entire .m file (from bundle) as a string in iOS 0.00
Why is takeWhile returning the empty string when more characters ar... +1.16
Change NSButton's background color on highlight +0.40
CGAffineTransformRotate 64 bit issues +1.96
OpenGL perspective projection 0.00
How do I pass var args to an anonymous function in Clojure? -0.56
3d drawing in OpenGL 0.00
Clojure: Apply or to a list +0.45
Objective-C: Trigger method with computer keyboard stroke 0.00
NSURL set to `nil` instead of path 0.00
How to create 8-, 4-, and 1-bit representations of NSImage 0.00
remove curly braces from string in python using regex +0.40
changing permissions of files in a directory recursively -0.37
Stop accepting input on pipe but read buffered data -0.09
Structure of most jQuery plugins -0.61
Compare NSDictionaries containing NSStrings 0.00
Objective-c Memory warning +0.15
Is it possible to print a string from C++ with Javascript using ems... 0.00
Implicit conversion of a non-Objective-C pointer type void* to NSSt... +0.09
Use Large Text Accessibility feature in iOS app 0.00
How can I write a loop condition that only accepts input from A-D,... -0.80
What happens when you close a file using iOS 'Protected Unless Open... 0.00
Please explain the logic behind this program that uses recursion to... -0.04
NSString isEqualToString won't return true, and unrecognized selector -0.44
xmodmap clear command 0.00