An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1495.38 (4,261,297th)
316 (394,672nd)
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Title Δ
How to Get Device Height and Width at Runtime? +0.55
MediaRecorder does not record video only recording audio +2.06
Which SkypeKit SDK i should download to actually build android appl... 0.00
MediaPlayer plays the music files only in debug mode ( Android ) 0.00
How can I get Audio Stream from MediaPlayer in Android 0.00
How can I import/export unsupported image formats in android? 0.00
Trouble figuring out the recursion for this -3.54
Android - Phonegap - How to get the file name of the picture taken -4.07
Android MediaPlayer Question 0.00
Raw audio packets to WAV/GSM_MS compliant file on Android 0.00
How will this code will work on a big endian machine? -1.61
Android.App.Activity - package does not exist +1.99
Android open source activity to let the user select/create a media? 0.00
converting PCM-16 to AMR using AmrInputStream 0.00
A click noise is happening at the end of the Audio playing. 0.00