An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1518.17 (35,870th)
2,974 (56,879th)
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Title Δ
Mysql case join query assistance 0.00
JavaScript React setInterval WITHOUT fat-arrow function -0.53
Characters limitation by Javascript function doesn't update the... 0.00
How to set a maximum length to the characters displayed in a <td... -0.29
Write specific text on the screen with a mouse movement +0.50
Why filter function returns empty array? +1.21
Random variable length bigint(8) number using PHP? -2.00
How to search for specific string in mysql table +0.44
How do I make a file accessible to PHP only? -0.52
How to iterate all children element and return found element? +0.45
remove gif image only from content +0.47
Making the second item of flex container sticky with CSS 0.00
How can I generate 2 colors where one of them is a shade of the oth... +0.86
How do I get a class by clicking an image with jQuery? -1.38
jquery - Remove the selected dropdown value from other dropdowns an... 0.00
Iterate a two dimensional array1, change items at positions listed... -1.98
Make a fixed div stop at a specific time before reaching the bottom 0.00
htaccess access to folders via subdomains 0.00
Javascript forEach function overriding itself 0.00
Way to remove text through CSS or JavaScript/jQuery *without* causi... 0.00
Regex to find several appearances of a regex 0.00
Scaling a transformation based on window size 0.00
How to use one class to extend multiple classes (not multiple inher... 0.00
Improving My Array Search for Multiple Conditions 0.00
innerHTML does not show unicode text correctly -0.04
I am facing indentation issues when applying icon and text in my ht... +0.46
Do all events have a listeners array or is it rather that all "... +0.46
How multiple recursion on same function works 0.00
How to solve this JS SyntaxError? -0.16
How can I save two variable into a vector? -0.89
Javascript HMAC and Python HMAC not returning same hash -0.53
recursive function not getting call in jquery while creating anchor... 0.00
How do I link up two arrays result with different content in php? -1.70
Javascript Prototype chaining change the target 0.00
Click on ion toggle button and label also +0.45
not able to understand scope of variable in this code -0.38
Revert a number to its original value in PHP +0.43
How to prevent malware from uploading for saving public images for... 0.00
How can get the text of <a> tag without id using only javascr... 0.00
Search/Clone feature that needs to not be case sensitive and be abl... +3.08
Add data after others data in JSON (PHP) 0.00
how to replace a variable X with a data at index 0 of an array whic... +0.07
Unset an entire array in php -1.05
HTML entity received through POST isn't comparable to entity cr... 0.00
Scroll inside div onclick +0.55
Adding an event listener to DOM elements pushed into an array -1.15
Load Element later, to improve page speed, but make it visible for... +0.50
How to fix a specific Declaration of case-insensitive constants is... -0.36
PHP : GoogleSheet into database, handle blank cells 0.00
Regex which matches URN by rfc8141 0.00