An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1321.07 (4,536,306th)
4,443 (37,554th)
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Title Δ
Data update problem in SQL from DataGridView in C# +0.73
Deleting Chinese Characters from a MS Word file 0.00
convert from pdf to text: lines and words are broken +0.73
datagridview does not contain the data in the DB only the column 0.00
Macro for Excel to PDF Conversion 0.00
Extracting specific terms from Microsoft Word to Excel 0.00
SQL Query - Ensuring my code is correct/Assistance with multiple qu... 0.00
WPF export DataGrid to Excel file using ClosedXML +0.74
How To Write To Excel In Python 0.00
Pandas replace the values of multiple columns 0.00
"Cannot find data type READONLY" error on UPDATE to SQL S... 0.00
Excel file overwritten instead of concat - Python - Pandas -0.02
Reading and updating sheets in an XLSM file usisng pandas while pre... 0.00
Make a Shiny module reactive when creating the module via a function -1.07
Run Word Macro on multiple documents -0.25
How to convert Excel file to Xml format using VBA? 0.00
How to read a json file line by line in R? -1.29
Can't Split Items in a List Correctly 0.00
How to save imported excel table in datagridview to my database +0.24
Web scraping with R - How to click on a button in a dynamic web pag... 0.00
Using r to scrape a webpage with drop down html forms 0.00
C# - From DataGridView to Excel Problem When I Reset To PC 0.00
How to import CSV file into Cloud Bigtable via Cloud Dataflow with... -0.64
How to iterate over excel-sheets with readxl -0.30
Web scraping in with Excel vba -0.57
R: Merging data frames based on file name +0.20
Don't write values to excel sheet that are nan -0.27
Updating DATABASE using datagridview -1.20
How to repair corrupted (VBA) Excel/XLSM? (often "automation e... +0.22
Looping over PDF's to create dataframe +0.23
Problem to connect to MS Access 2016 database has password -0.27
Converting doc / docx files to pdf in Python 0.00
Unable to scrape data into readable format in R from wikipedia -1.15
Read multiple CSV files in Pandas in chunks +0.86
Scraping info from website multiple times 0.00
VBA Add row to csv file -1.07
Python - Download files from Website with Google Login +0.23
R 3.5.2: Error in loading stock data from zoo 0.00
Get the MS Access source database of linked tables with Python 0.00
Append a copy of the records in a table if a linked data source cha... 0.00
how to avoid duplicates while inserting data to database 0.00
Import a txt file to CSV with Python (all data in 1 column) +0.23
Import from Excel to datagridview with OLEDB in 0.00
get links while do web scraping to google in R 0.00
In MS word findall (Find in Main Document) is very slow for long do... 0.00
Insert Excel data associated with unique ID in mail 0.00
ADODB query does not retrieve dates 0.00
Unable to add Rows to DataGridView programically +1.20
Combine Excel VBA Macro 0.00
Sending outlook email with attachments on a remainder date 0.00