An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1322.86 (4,177,651st)
1 (4,075,845th)
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Title Δ
Excel VBA export each sheet into one PDF page -0.02
Copy and Paste a Specific Cell Range within a Column with a Dynamic... 0.00
MS Word Drop down list or combo box from MS Access Database 0.00
VBA Sumifs multiple open workbooks & criteria 0.00
how do i use a button to move a range of cell contents to another r... -0.98
Shiny and CSV files 0.00
Different pivot tables to different emails vba 0.00
Better way to Vlookup 0.00
Read text file in Access VBA 0.00
Select into table from list of CSV -0.02
E-mail Excel range with VBA 0.00
How to fill multiple Bookmarks / FormFields in Word from the same f... +1.22
Hadoop - Struggling with First Time Setup 0.00
Populate Excel File from Word Document Tables - VBA +2.84
Rename the worksheet based on excel cell value 0.00
Excel Macro Delete Sorted rows 0.00
space in the name of sql table 0.00
Merging excel sheets from books in the directory into one: dynamic... +0.24
Saving Excel data to Access DataBase 0.00
Assign multiple Items from a table by making a Group ID selection o... 0.00
Using getElementById VBA webscraping 0.00
Reading from Excel sheet -0.32
Unable to click Submit Button_Web Scraping VBA 0.00
Update data based on serial number -0.72
VB .net with DataGridView +0.85
What is the most Efficient way to search a data(string) on MS Acces... 0.00
Fibonacci Sequence Visual Basic 0.00
VB.NET FTP File Download -0.84
Iterate though all files of a certain path in Excel VBA? -1.07
How do I import a dataframe created in one module for processing th... 0.00
Easy way to open a zipped file form FTP directory 0.00
How can I delete cookies and temporary Internet files when I do web... -0.26
How to get billboard hot 100 data in a CSV format? 0.00
VBA get sql result using column index from CSV Files 0.00
When to change nz() function to COALESCE function? -1.10
DataGridView add row +0.44
what is a better way to organize nested conditional statements in V... -1.21
Pulling data from pdf to Excel using VBA 0.00
Looping through all folders in FTP directory +1.17
How to Open File and then Activate that Window in VBA (Microsoft Wo... -0.80
How to copy data from Google Sheets to an Excel sheet using Excel V... 0.00
How to migrate Access queries to SQL views? -0.86
Excel VBA: How to read multiple Textfiles into Excel sheet +0.73
How to Convert Numeric Value to String in my code? 0.00
How to automatically save an attachment from Outlook? -0.16
How can I store a SQL table in python to work with it? +0.22
How to bulk download historical weather data from Canadian governme... 0.00
How to Create a table that changes size based on a determined value +0.89
Copy multiple workbooks and paste in a single sheet -0.28
How to read HTML element with -0.27