An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1553.61 (6,717th)
9,082 (17,010th)
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Title Δ
Navigation Bar isn't bound to the top swift -0.10
unable to get header info form URL 0.00
dynamical math for coverting values between multiple units 0.00
How do I make a hexagon with 6 triangular SCNNodes? -1.45
No such module 'FirebaseUI' iOS 0.00
Unexpected events emitted by Swift Combine PassThroughSubject -0.58
AES256 Issue using swift 5 -0.57
CFBundleDocumentTypes key must be an array of dictionaries when I v... 0.00
Exception is not being caught +0.43
Decoding numerical snake_case keys with JSONDecoder 0.00
How to get all characters of the font with CTFontCopyCharacterSet()... -0.88
Parsing the Reddit JSON with Swift Codable 0.00
how to convert int array into comma seperated in swift +2.48
Loop through a range of an Array +2.08
Localizing the Reading of Emoji on IOS 10.0 or Higher 0.00
C++ -- Pointer to array of structs containing a pointer to an array... +0.42
Epson printer with Swift cannot find symbol for arm64 0.00
Modify Headers of SCDynamicStore.h in swift 0.00
How to save 2d array data permanently using userdefaults.standard 0.00
Google places with objective c errors +1.54
Objective C equivalent of Swift addConstraints? +2.00
zxing Data matrix gets blurred when scaled -0.07
Swift Get UIImage from layers of UIView 0.00
Swift Telnet Stream with Authentication 0.00
Round NSNumber to a specific number of significant digits +1.77
Add an Icon to the SDCAlertView 0.00
Spell-Check: Find one-to-one token difference mapping between two s... 0.00
Try Sample AVCAM from apple found error -0.23
Modifying string content in NSTextView works under viewDidLoad meth... -0.03
Writing structure to an outputStream in Swift 3 +0.41
Swift command line tool runtime crash dyld: Symbol not found: __pth... 0.00
Swift Dictionary Taking Long Time to Compile -0.97
Why are my localized variables showing up as numbers? 0.00
Core Data NSManagedObject isFault inside prepareForDeletion -0.54
Supporting old iOS versions and devices -0.58
Why does iOS require launch image? -0.85
Save "user-taken" photo in detail view and load it when c... -0.48
Linking errors with SDL_mixer library +0.41
Xcode regular expression replace for replace "<any number o... +0.00
Applescript to automate building and running on iOS device 0.00
Position of the plus/minus icon when editing a grouped table view 0.00
Get value from detailTextLabel after PickerInputViewCell 0.00
Cocoa Objective-C init oddity -1.66
Use iPhone 5 for Retina 3,5" debugging +0.39
cleaned up resubmitted another form validate php javascript parse e... -2.53
Base64 string to NSData then gunzip +0.43
UIButton Doesn't Detect Touches After Custom CALayer Assignment 0.00
Where does the indexPath of dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:forIn... 0.00
UILabel cutting of text -0.06
Formula for generating pagination hyperlinks? +0.89