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Nick Reed

1531.63 (17,138th)
832 (180,356th)
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Title Δ
Error after breaking long line of code in C -1.40
Reverse a linked list, is my idea correct? -1.71
Understanding coin change recursion 0.00
DSO missing from command line when compiling 0.00
Binary Tree Class Constructor 0.00
Using Regex To match Binary Strings that have an odd number of 0s a... +1.16
The loop of the strncpy function is not understood +0.11
Search for specific word in Serial output in while function 0.00
Javascript regex matching whitespace when it shouldn't 0.00
Why scanf function do not accept escape sequences as an input? 0.00
Why i'm facing Regex detection problem inside a loop in pyhton +0.46
Changing condition segfaults +0.46
Why is my factorial program working but my almost identical pow pro... +2.09
Java Regex: find single quoted text with escapes +1.76
PCRE Regex conversion for zabbix 0.00
preg_replace - return everything to the second slash from the end o... -0.93
Cassandra Nodetool Listsnapshots output is unclear -1.93
Replace tab and number with special character +2.49
convert binary to decimal how can i ask the user to input only binary -0.05
Regex in CSS sheet 0.00
Find number of sorted arrays resulting from parent array after remo... 0.00
How do I translate the 'in' keyword from python into c++? 0.00
Unable to decode string to utf-8 in python 0.00
C# regex string that is not another string -1.03
Setting that will cause find and find/replace to use regex in Visua... 0.00
How to get string input n times? -0.04
How can I make list with every index different 0.00
Regex to find valid IP address using awk +0.33
Check if a string contains 3 underscores with Regex 0.00
Character count in Python +0.35
Format "n" and "k" with brackets in python but... -0.55
Regex in PowerShell to get user's name from Managedby property... +0.47
Separate part of script tag in DOM on loading page by regex 0.00
Regular expression group/substitution question +2.42
How to remove alpha characters from timestamp using RegEx? 0.00
Repeating a string with recursion, beginner +1.11
string to int ValueError Python +1.90
Getting words Starting with symbol in dart -0.98
Segmentation Fault after accessing node 0.00
Using RegEx, how do I record conversions for specific URLs and not... 0.00
Argument not defined despite it being defined above 0.00
Pycharm regex backreference replace error 0.00
Regex to extract both integer or float values followed by a unit, P... -0.27
How to delete string between two different signs in python 0.00
Conditional Statement for Random Number Generator in a range (in c) 0.00
How to create a variable that runs code in python? +1.94
foo(void) vs foo(void *) +1.88
Ignore part of a line which contains certain text -0.47
Using word boundaries when word is adjacent to a number +1.04
i am getting local variable referenced before assignment when i use... -0.03