An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.98 (4,384,794th)
2,205 (75,960th)
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Title Δ
Read a file that is already open in Word +0.22
Is there an AppBar button style that means "Open in Web Browse... 0.00
How to improve performance of a method +3.27
Windows 8 ads showing up on top of settings flyout 0.00
Does an IDisposable from IObservable.Subscribe() hold a reference t... -0.45
Silverlight + RIA: problem editing entity -1.65
Silverlight ComboBox force reselect SelectedItem 0.00
What is the good way to create MVVM DataPager in Silverlight 4? 0.00
Confused about Silverlight Navigation -3.66
Combobox within datagrid wont show data 0.00
How to run storyboard on textblock string is changed in Silverlight? 0.00
Implicit xaml style overwritten by explicit style 0.00
Black Background for XAML Editor +0.49
Silverlight DataGrid binding issues after refreshing or setting sel... -3.73
Silverlight MVVM Combobox Binding getting broken 0.00
mocking LINQ to SQL +2.80
How can I find out the Duration of a Storyboard in Silverlight? -3.68
SQL 'Execute As' Login Command and Linq to SQL -3.83
AssemblyInfo.cs subversion and TortoiseSVN 0.00
.NET Web Service -- New Methods not appearing -3.86
Adding Permissions to a Complex System -3.92
Anybody else regretting using Entity Framework? -2.71
Using Guid in ADO.Net Data Service -4.30
How to access the current Subversion build number? 0.00
Use SVN Revision to label build in CCNET 0.00