An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1669.79 (321st)
31,774 (3,759th)
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Title Δ
check if div has xx class to hide and show parent element 0.00
Dropdown button only works when clicked near the border 0.00
Concat arrays of objects 0.00
jQuery .css() does not work over iterated elements 0.00
replace() function not working as intended 0.00
How to make first word first character capital of each sentence 0.00
find the selected value in jquery 0.00
How to get the value of checked checkbox in vanilla JavaScript? 0.00
Javascript for loop return results to nested array 0.00
How to rename object keys inside array 0.00
Remove First and Last double Quotes from "["Morning Shift... 0.00
How do I return the number of elements in an array using for of loo... 0.00
How to get the second closest element with the same class? 0.00
.change() jquery event not working on dynamically created input ele... 0.00
jQuery - show elements that has same class 0.00
selector for get all the first child with classname x 0.00
Extract key value from a nested object in js 0.00
What is a better Javascript practice for outputting content into mu... 0.00
How can I extract all the data from a JSON containing multiple arra... 0.00
JS : How do I get the innerHTML of a TD element when I click on it? 0.00
delete parent element upon click 0.00
How to change class from div parent? 0.00
Trigger a child click event when clicking on parent 0.00
execute javascript after css class change 0.00
Selecting newly added elements with jquery 0.00
Loop - How to add onto a variable each loop 0.00
How can I click 'mybutton' every 10 seconds? -0.24
Dynamically change font in div tag +0.28
Displaying results on new line +0.28
Get all the value of a radio button that is checked in a specific div 0.00
How can add and remove the class of the element using jquery 0.00
Match multiple occurances of regular expressions in a string 0.00
How to show div content and hide others when button is clicked - Ja... +0.80
Compare two arrays with same length but having different object id&... -0.99
dropdown menu slideToggle executing twice 0.00
How can I convert a string to object in Javascript? +0.27
Making all form inputs to be in readonly mode while clicking submit... +0.96
Find the sum of the first n num +0.00
How to detect if new element is added in DOM? 0.00
get text of second child in div - jQuery 0.00
One liner to remove all occurrences of sub-strings in array with fi... -0.25
How to toggle a single cell within a multi dimensional tr/td table... +1.93
May I store array inside a html element and than use it as an array... -1.84
JS - Show a div only when a number is typed +0.27
Insert Image on HTML button click 0.00
Change value in array in JavaScript -1.38
how to filter array of objects present in nested array in javascript +0.28
How to make a user set variable, then place it in html? -1.13
Is there any function to fix the returned value of a math calculati... -0.08
Building UL with javascript only creates 1 li element +1.03