An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1501.36 (369,970th)
4,092 (40,803rd)
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Title Δ
Template specialization of pure virtual function -1.26
calling c++ dll functions/API in C# project -0.50
Qt C++ simple app beginners questions 0.00
Segmentation fault in push_back for a 2d vector +2.29
UML Diagrams with C 0.00
Running out of space after allocating only ~1400MB when free space... 0.00
Is this a valid use of the noreturn attribute? -1.16
Number generator performance linux vs windows -0.15
Assign string to char array from 2d char array c++ -0.60
"Bad" GCC optimization performance +0.52
declaring a pointer or a stack variable -0.65
How to create a Java Library (API) with native code via JNI 0.00
How to pass List<T> from Java to a C++ std::vector function p... 0.00
Considerations about move semantic for a type -1.69
Detect if struct has padding -0.00
Dynamic allocation of 2D array in c++ +0.48
How to deal with etc1 alpha channel 0.00
reinterpret_cast vector of derived class to vector of base class 0.00
How to read XML file in C++ with JNI +0.51
c++ How do I print the value of a String attribute of a variable of... +0.48
incrementing values in if loop (in C) +0.03
OpenGL lighting vector normalization 0.00
Can the compiler not determine whether a variable is const by Itself? -1.24
What is the most efficient way display threaded graphics in Qt? +0.49
How to typecast a void pointer to an int pointer and then store an... +0.50
"Process terminated with status -1073741819" simple progr... 0.00
undefined reference to `Init::b' -0.51
how to wrap a c++ function +1.89
Performance of defining functions inside a class vs. outside 0.00
Purpose of cloning in Java -0.50
Reverse a linked list using recursion in C -0.08
Does iOS app publisher also need Mac, or only developer needs it? -0.50
C++ Pthreads - Multithreading slower than single-threading -0.66
Problems copy constructing a dynamically allocated object +0.02
Is it evaluated by precompiler before runtime? -0.44
glDrawPixels puts each RGB component in a different pixel 0.00
Why pointer is typecasted as a char here? -0.01
How does the JPEG of Death vulnerability operate? -0.51
Why so many symbolic links? +0.51
Should safe pointers be used in strategy pattern? -0.62
putting ints into an array c++ +0.48
Pointer to a Class Type +0.13
What data structure or design pattern to use to map a defined seque... +1.84
Using float / double as a loop variable -0.15
Formula for graphing activity of a specific variable +0.49
Segmentation fault in a word counter -0.97
depth buffer is not rendered properly 0.00
At what stage does an if/else become better than a switch case? Doe... +0.48
Shorten If Statement +1.24
Create a new open GLWindow and instert a picture +0.50