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Peter Thoeny

1523.27 (26,279th)
1 (4,380,810th)
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Title Δ
Trim and reuse RegExp matches to update string -1.67
How to match 2 separate numbers in Javascript +0.09
How to match values into separate optional groups with a regex base... +0.40
Need regex for range values -1.52
Disable submit button if email is invalid using Jquery with RegEx +2.17
How to query mongodb with a LIKE (regex) in a route of node.js? 0.00
Regex to support toll free numbers along with UAE numbers 0.00
Trying to find indices of all regex matches, but some being left out +0.49
How to make a regex expression for this content? +1.78
Capture Named Group in Shell Script 0.00
Regular Expression to search substring +2.19
Using IIS Rewrite for Clean URLs: Any difference between matching &... 0.00
Street address regex for JavaScript +1.80
Regex to match a bi-monthly, quarterly, etc., cron job 0.00
Can I detect a hanging JS function and abort? 0.00
Applying regex in a Map JS 0.00
how to split text with regex match -1.52
Extract text containing match between new line characters -0.28
Replace characters only in headings -1.49
Allow User Input to Just Fractions and Integers (but Not Mixed Numb... +0.18
How to parse a regular expression? 0.00
How can I delete the rest of the line after the second pipe charact... +0.47
Having multiple double quotes inside quoted string csv file -0.91
Need Google Forms to validate only responses that are correctly for... 0.00
Validate const String plus any variable text +0.25 : How to write a regular expression that validates strings... 0.00
Regex for TODO keyword when passing through a list of directories t... 0.00
egrep how to search for words with conditions both at start of line... 0.00
JS Regex match between same pairs of characters 0.00
regex pattern for matching dd mm only +0.37
How to Match a JSON Sub Element with REGEX -0.02
Find multi-line text & replace it, using regex, in shell script +0.39
How to replace multi dimensional text javascript regex -0.16
Test strings similar to "aaabbbccc" +0.20
Regex: first capital letter between punctuation and a word +3.81
How to delete everything before and after the ip address and port? 0.00
How to design a generic callback url with params? 0.00
Regex disallow characters from anywhere in string that has capture... +5.85
Regex to match key value pairs from JSON 0.00
setting a min character in a regular expression on () 0.00
Get regular expression for Regex hero to select one string of chang... 0.00
Regular expression to hunt references to jquery version files in a... +4.61
How do I match multiple words in MongoDB? 0.00
Sed regex recognizing individual letters instead of words -3.98
Regex, how repeat group? +3.98
Regex for specific pattern containing multiline text 0.00
Show bootstrap alert on specific referrer ref=example 0.00
Why store regular expression patter in var -0.04
Regular expression to match handlebar expression and default value -1.84
How to select everything between two characters (> and <) exc... -0.18