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1451.31 (4,405,359th)
4,302 (38,719th)
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Title Δ
Cordova iOS WKWebView workaround for Big canvas.toDataURL 0.00
How to restrict google maps key to cordova android 0.00
How to update Cordova Based App when new version is Available in Ap... 0.00
Cordova app stuck on splash screen on iOS 14 Beta 0.00
Android build issues with cordova 0.00
ITMS-90809 Error while uploading my app to app store connect 0.00
Cannot find plugin.xml for plugin "cordova-plugin-filetransfer... 0.00
Cordova OverrideUserAgent preference not working 0.00
Way to build an app in which user fills a form that can be download... 0.00
Need help converting a traditional polling function to a long polli... 0.00
Searching for inspections failed: undefined method `map' for ni... 0.00
how to add async/await support to cordova 0.00
Can I run a mobile app in development disconnected from the dev com... 0.00
How do I retrieve extras from the launched app with cordova-plugin-... 0.00
How do I set specific origin for request header on Cordova? 0.00
JDK version error when building android app cordova 0.00
Cordova app not showing the same content as on localhost website 0.00
Access local html and media files using cordova with a local http s... 0.00
ITMS-90809 error when deploying to Apple. App is on end of life 0.00
does cordova support localStorage for OS X? 0.00
i18next doesn't translate on Cordova iOS 6.1.0 0.00
What is the right way to add Java code to a Cordova Android app? 0.00
How do I implement Campaign tracking with Cordova after registratio... 0.00
how to set debuggable false in debug manifest 0.00
How to configure Content Security Policy and whitelist plugin for c... 0.00
How to set ios app BackgroundColor programmatically with Cordova? -0.43
how to remove origin: file:// while doing rest call to server, via... 0.00
SoftInputMode = "adjustResize" Does not scroll page conte... 0.00
Cordova: Hybrid iOS App Pause event doesn't get fired when maki... 0.00
How can I read / write a local json or text in Cordova? 0.00
Download azure blob using purely javascript and no Nodejs? +0.67
accessing media items in phonegap in www +0.55
How to get data attribute inside each loop? -1.61
How to make a phone call in background using cordova? 0.00
Firebase with Cordova: which platform to choose -0.43
Immersive mode in iOS Cordova apps - how to? 0.00
Extracting Cordova Assets from Phone 0.00
Cordova custom URL scheme not work on IOS (unsupported URL) 0.00
After upgrading cordova version from 8.x.x to 9.0.0 cordova build i... 0.00
Migrating a Cordova Android project to AndroidX +0.26
There are no accounts registered with Xcode reported during archive... +0.07
Phonegap app working on preview but not on Android device - Promise +0.06
Cordova for iOS ERROR ITMS-90022: "Missing required icon file&... 0.00
Installing Cordova latest version with Cordova CLI 3.6? 0.00
How can someone allow unsupported URLs in cordova (IOS) 0.00
How to reuse common pattern in multiple regex? 0.00
Detect preferred language order in Cordova App 0.00
MongoDB + PHP: Filter on parsed user-input secure? +0.10
jQuery 3.x custom build with Ajax 0.00
Reduce array objects by key and return a nested object 0.00