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Patrick Artner

1523.49 (25,256th)
27,621 (4,554th)
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Title Δ
Splitting a string that contains multiple values 0.00
Subdivide a line into segments without changing its shape 0.00
How do show excel is working with the busy (hourglass) mouse cursor... 0.00
C# Linq Remove characters from results for comparison 0.00
Problem with the task. Write a program that determines and prints t... 0.00
Unable to pass parameters to pythonscript from ant build.xml file.... 0.00
Get a random value from a list and its position at the same time in... 0.00
Parse only selected records from empty-line separated file 0.00
I need to generate x amount of unique lists inside another list 0.00
Regex - Match only if input does not contain all letters 0.00
Print out line number of a text? 0.00
Is there a way to store the value of all the GET requests my progra... 0.00
Delete "nan" in python list 0.00
sort python ( print Uppercase/Lowercase letters in out) 0.00
create csv file where each row is some nested lists from one list 0.00
Typeerror int is not callable 0.00
Can someone explain what am I doing wring in converting this datafr... 0.00
Python reveal letters one by one where rest is dots and spaces are... 0.00
String matching returning a default value for not a match 0.00
Loop via list of dicts in a JSON file 0.00
How to convert the if else logic into dynamic selection? 0.00
Using python extract from list of string 0.00
Reverse int as hex 0.00
Numpy is not inserting the right array into multidimensional array 0.00
Write a function to sum any 2 numbers in a list - Python 0.00
Python how to get value from list for specific type 0.00
generating several lists from a single list 0.00
Calculate cross-product of every three consecutive points in a list... 0.00
Groupby replace values with there max value pandas 0.00
Python json scheam validator issue when converting a "number&q... 0.00
Simulate a liquid flow through a randomly created square matrix tha... 0.00
Why is my code not counting my held cards correctly? 0.00
Avoiding nested conditions 0.00
'List index out of range' while reversing list 0.00
Changes not taken into account in dictionary values 0.00
How can I randomly generate a number with a condition that is share... 0.00
Convert AM,PM to 24 in a nested list using python 0.00
How do i define a setter for a list with an index or slicing? 0.00
Least frequent words - python 3 0.00
Python: Replace for loops with list comprehension 0.00
python regex find contents between consecutive delimiters 0.00
Adding symbols and patterns into Nested List in Python? 0.00
Replace a list of characters with indices in a string in python 0.00
What is the best way to make branchless counters? 0.00
Python one line if else statement SyntaxError, the error is at the... 0.00
how to add leading zeros to a series of numbers in a dataframe, and... 0.00
list of permutations of HEADS and TAILS in n tosses with exactly k... 0.00
[SOLVED]Python string.format replace index 0.00
Python Search Function 0.00
how to remove quotes from a tuple of strings whilst formatting it i... 0.00