An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Brian Minton

1467.56 (4,395,867th)
2,072 (80,768th)
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Title Δ
Convert string to datetime and add 5:30 hours to it in google sheet... +3.52
How to get the user of the parent process? -2.95
Google Two Factor Authentication with Asp .Net MVC 0.00
Backup a sqlite3 database -2.02
unix command to extract lines with blank values in particular posit... -2.65
getting error mailx: illegal option -- a while adding attachment in... +0.13
Bash script don't take efect ater passphrase enter -2.74
I don't understand how this function works and how it comes to... -3.43
Connecting lost during importing large data 0.00
Why line break breaking python code -3.90
Using mmap to map different segments in a file +0.34
run script exactly like a user with a shell -3.87
Why is this very simple MySQL query returning every row? -2.14
bash - moving files based on information extracted from filename 0.00
Creating a 64bit Debian package on a 32bit machine -3.40
Excel function and expression for counting only certain items inclu... -3.33
Python "for i in" + variable -4.03
How to find the mime type of a content file in python without using... +3.92
How to toggle case for text in a file -2.69
How to properly format a text file to be read for everyone +1.29
Interprocess communication via a database 0.00
Git hook for diff sqlite table 0.00
Using Linux Bash Script to get data from XML file -3.56
Getting Pypy to recognize third party modules -0.94
How to upgrade glibc from version 2.13 to 2.15 on Debian? 0.00
Cannot pull, git cannot resolve reference ORIG_HEAD 0.00
A-star: heuristic for multiple goals 0.00
Integer values in leveldb 0.00
Finding the number of digits of an integer 0.00
Empty set literal in Python? 0.00
What is a good on-disk "set" implementation for Python? 0.00
USB Mass Storrage on File Level 0.00
Python Convert fraction to decimal 0.00
What is equivalent of Linux's 'free' command on FreeBSD v8.1 0.00
I'm developing a simple cross platform system tray application. Her... 0.00
How to send password securely over HTTP? 0.00
Force Python to forego native sqlite3 and use the (installed) lates... 0.00
Differences between using realloc vs. free -> malloc functions 0.00
Should you always favor xrange() over range()? 0.00