An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1541.70 (10,707th)
28,441 (4,378th)
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Title Δ
Sorting technique - most efficient 0.00
C++ Classes for High Performance Computing 0.00
OpenMP offloading with GCC fails with "Ptx assembly aborted du... 0.00
OpenMP offloading says 'fatal error: could not find accel/nvptx... 0.00
Maximum volume inscribed ellipsoid in a polytope/set of points +1.10
Assigning people to shopping days by last name for COVID +1.77
Debug Python/C++ program with bad_alloc 0.00
Multi set in c++ and oops -1.89
scipy optimization with multiple constraints 0.00
An error occured in MPI_Recv while sending an array 0.00
How can I convert a list of dictionaries into a DataFrame? -0.93
Minimizing a 6 dimensional problem with 3 constraints in python 0.00
MPI_SEND - send structure as vector +2.12
Optimizing n-body simulation +1.75
C++: Allocate memory for an std::vector then initialize its element... +0.44
How to define complex objective functions in or-tools? 0.00
C++ OOP segmentation fault +0.42
Can you send an array within an array using MPI_Send and MPI_Recv? 0.00
OMP - Reduce to a value based on another value 0.00
Creating a function the returns frequency of given words in C++ +0.45
How many intersect points does n line have? -1.77
Convert string matrix to numpy -0.23
Techniques for optimising GPU utilisation processing discrete images 0.00
L1-Norm minimization 0.00
Finding two elements of array with maximum product 0.00
C++ "No raw loops" without losing perfomance 0.00
nvcc fatal : Failed to detect host compiler properties 0.00
Python implementation of BFS to solve 8-puzzle takes too long to fi... -0.54
Select and filter algorithm +1.88
How can I find if and for statements without braces? -0.02
The point that minimizes the sum of euclidean distances to a set of... +1.93
OpenMP 4.5 won't offload to GPU with target directive +1.85
lpsolve - unfeasible solution, but I have example of 1 0.00
Linear Programming in R: A car company produces 3 models 0.00
Best linearization for p-dispersion (maxmin) problem? 0.00
Thrifty boundaries in Mixed Integer Linear Programming 0.00
What does '&=~' do in c++? -0.99
How can we speed up for loops in Pulp 0.00
Temporal complexity of primary instructions in C +2.23
Finding solution to quasi-convex problem using CVXPY 0.00
sympy solver runs out of memory when using symbol in exp() 0.00
C slow function call 0.00
What is the most efficient c program for sorting 3 values using if-... +1.56
BFPRT (median of medians) algorithm crashes after 185000 array 0.00
Prim's algorithm modification 0.00
How can I accelerate a geopandas spatial join? 0.00
Why my SSE code is slower than native C++ code? -0.54
Time complexity of operations on a sorted array of sorted lists -1.71
Can someone help me parallelize this C++ Code? +2.34
Working example of multi-stage model in Pyomo 0.00