An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Maciej M

1504.00 (211,698th)
123 (628,805th)
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Title Δ
Django Foregin Key Count +3.97
What's the fastest way to concatenate all the values (each is a... -4.05
Recreate deleted django_migrations table 0.00
Error when installing python-snappy in PyCharm -4.09
Most Pythonic way to form cartesian product of two lists of strings +3.94
I have instance of some Event and ticket-instances to that event ho... -0.21
AttributeError at /admin/accounts/school/ 'School' object h... 0.00
How to Create a structure (e.g. a list) from a for loop output? +4.02
How to retrieve files from another directory level? +3.99
NameError while calling a function (looking for a cleaner way to wr... -3.62
Python error with try-within try-else block +4.05
No module named Appkit. If I try to install it in pycharm it keeps... 0.00
How to pass a parameterised fixture as a parameter to another fixture -3.46
Chars-Counter Python 0.00
what is the meaning of writing a number near to write loop -2.33
How to find whether a integer is between first two columns of a fil... +2.15
"unsupported operand type(s) for ** or pow() : ' function&... 0.00
ModuleNotFound while running the web app locally 0.00
Python iteration through CSV -1.77
Binary Sequence for activity of a user -4.72
regex: remove zeros in the middle of string (but keep the ones at t... -1.75
Continue a parsing in another class ElementTree Python -4.14
Replace Strings in Python 3 +4.30
How to take separate each value from the first of a list +0.18
ValueError: could not convert string to float: '30,' -0.45
Apply if statement inside for loop in Python Jinja Tempaltes 0.00
python loop to pull API data for iterating URLs +3.82
Importing csv in Django +4.17
How can I test a python private method (yes I do have reason to tes... 0.00
Python pip extremely slow to download (stuck at Colecting...) 0.00