An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1489.85 (4,295,173rd)
2,043 (81,821st)
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Title Δ
Can I stub all the calls to a method but the first one? +0.12
Get HTTP request in Ruby -3.62
Resource path without specifying ID -3.71
How to list YAML records based on categories? +4.23
Create a random set of LatLngs inside a BoundingBox +4.35
onClick event won't work until page is reloaded -0.05
what is big deal deploying debug build in production -0.61
Include an existing letter into and existing document +0.33
memory leak on iPhone iOS4? -3.47
iPhone: cornerRadius quality gets degraded +0.15
Language/libraries for downloading & parsing web pages? +0.00
Datamapper 0.9.x or 0.10.x? 0.00
Rails editing the HTML in views -1.67
Multiple questions in Java (Validating URLs, adding applications to... -0.16
Passing a list of numbers to a function in C++ without building arr... +0.31
What is a good IDE for Java programming on a low end laptop? +3.99
regular expression help with converting exp1^exp2 to pow(exp1, exp2) -1.89
Prevent visitors from opening certain pages +0.25
Delimiter to use within a query string value -4.08
Bash command to write the contents of multiple files into a single... -1.13
Read header data from files on remote server 0.00
Does anybody know a command line tool for formatting MySQL queries? -3.50
What is a good tool or site to use to performance test a web page/s... -3.09
Batch rename files using directory name with Regular Expression +3.08