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Ted Lyngmo

1584.65 (2,654th)
3,157 (53,492nd)
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Title Δ
How do you make it so CPP checks if a user has a file already on th... -2.59
print a list using variadic templates +1.62
print a list of numbers using template metaprogramming -2.05
Reverse a linked list, is my idea correct? +1.71
A variable template that is true iff a class template would instant... +0.34
clang-format simple C format: dont space before variable and last r... 0.00
How do I include an int inside a getline(); -0.53
C++ convert day, month and year to milliseconds -0.12
Is there a way to stop receiving an exception error when dereferenc... +1.62
Is there a way to use decltype on a data member to declare a method... +0.38
Error: no match for 'operator-' operand types are: string,... +2.63
utsname/uname in C++ 0.00
how to get 3rd dimension array in 3d array in C++? +1.42
Error when instantiating custom queue that inherites from std::queue 0.00
C++: How to create 2 classes which use each other +0.38
vector resize seems to require default constructor in C++ >= 11 +1.94
How do you read memory as an object type? c++ 0.00
Could I get html of website without server knowing? +0.14
Check for counter-clockwise orientation instead of clockwise 0.00
My question is can we avoid the if conditions? -0.48
how to add and multiply real numbers in cmake expression 0.00
Using boost::chrono::system_clock to get time causes linker error 0.00
Good way to code if (var=x) {var=y} atomicly? +0.01
C++ Sleep functions 0.00
Template functor and class template parameter deduction 0.00
how to fix broken /usr/bin/ld? 0.00
How to use typedef and define -1.11
–°reate a shared_ptr from a unique_ptr containing the structure -1.99
Abstract class accessing its child class functions +1.72
Pass thread arguments by reference gives me access violation +2.17
Reproducible results with parallel_for and random numbers possible? 0.00
Forward Iterator - Const version issue 0.00
c++ pass multiple data types (including arrays of different dimensi... +0.39
Inline constexpr and anonymous namespace variables? 0.00
Call Timer methods / modify properties from other threads in C++ Bu... 0.00
Clearing input buffer 0.00
error: no matching function for call to 'std::vector<float&g... +0.38
Reading from text file error : Segmentation fault (core dumped) 0.00
No instance of overloaded function when resizing 0.00
How to work with a buffer and binary files +1.56
Compile-time what is the largest value that can be squared without... 0.00
Check if array is empty in bash 0.00
Why zero in array in C++ is considered as NULL(using CODEBLOCKS)? -1.73
Custom Ordering in Set String Elements +1.40
Memory use of one-time use class member variables +0.39
Improving a variadic template function using new c++14 / c++17 feat... +2.00
Initializing C struct with unions declared in C++17 +0.29
Templating ordered vector and std::set 0.00
C++ Convert 4 Hex Values to Float -2.42
Debugging a simple function +2.11