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Roman Ryzhiy

1464.73 (4,525,324th)
552 (252,507th)
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Title Δ
Replace values in an ArraySlice<Float> -2.49
How to pass data from superclass to subclass? +1.84
Swift optional for nested array +0.95
Array of instances: Transform one specific value, in each instance,... -1.75
Subtracting Single array values +0.39
Any() on String +4.43
Name of first property in JSON -2.71
c# parsing string to date. 'yyyyMMddHHmmss.ffffff+zzz' -1.73
How to ignore object property on .GET but allow it on .POST? -3.67
Add NSUserDefaults for specific Username 0.00
How to cut last characters of string and save it as variable in swi... -0.89
New stored property always returns nil | iOS Swift -1.91
Current datetime in dd/MM/yy format with time as datetime object (c#) 0.00
Build List that contains another List (Projects, Subprojects) +4.34
Why is the time complexity of a dictionary O(n) not O(1) +0.37
Userdefaults doesn't load or save +0.19
In Swift, how to search in a dictionary composed by an array of a s... -2.83
Why 100/1000 is not 0.10 in swift palyground? +0.39
How to pass data to the previous view controller if it is the same... 0.00
How can I replace specific characters in UITextView -1.82
How to iterate the loop beginning at the last element of the array... +4.76
Ignoring null parameter in where clause linq to sql -0.84
Linq query where first column from DataTable is compared to second... -0.64
List.Any() with multiple conditions -2.64
How could I pass data to childView 0.00
How to make a generic class and function so if I pass an object tha... 0.00
Parsing a User's Mathematical operation from string C# Unity3D 0.00
How can I change the element in an array of struct -1.70
Is it possible to store a multi-dimensional array to an object? -3.68
Generics constraint with nullable types -4.20
in what moment using System.Runtime.Caching dispose the objects 0.00
The file is not sent to the mail. (Only path) 0.00
Force the usage of a Method, by the interface -3.53
How to prevent initialization of properties which are not present i... +4.31
How to remove a substring from string of particular index to some l... +4.58
How to select items from a List of series till it reaches a break -3.51
How to update all the records of a table in an entity framework? -1.91
How to dispose of datatables by using the 'Using' statement +4.37
Querying data from multiple disjoint tables (EF6) 0.00
Is there a way to transform a string to a command? 0.00
Xcode: How to know the viewController that has presented the curren... +0.29
How to Insert and get the autoincremented primary key +0.29
How do I split text file using 3 empty lines as a delimiter? +4.30
Prefix and postfix forms in c# 0.00
How to get cascade delete to work with my blog project? -0.47
Spelling out the fractional part of a monetary amount using a Numbe... -2.53
C# with object types the method Object.Equals (object a, object b)... +0.32
How to suppress based-class property in favor of the same new deriv... 0.00
Confused about relationship in EntityFrameworkCore +0.02
how do you add left and right bar buttons to UIViewController in sw... 0.00