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Bertram Gilfoyle

1504.61 (145,440th)
4,583 (36,213th)
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Title Δ
Load local resources along with HTML string in WKwebView (SWIFT)? 0.00
android how to add elevation to fragment -0.49
IndexOutofBounexception in search adapter onbind method? 0.00
How to find datetimes where some conditions hold in MySQL? 0.00
Your anti-virus program might be impacting your build performance.... 0.00
Changing the Wifi name for a Virtual Android Device 0.00
Disabling save button on AlertDialog unless input field is not blank -1.00
How to make images objects in Java? 0.00
Cannot get data in the variable when firebase Firestore is called u... 0.00
IllegalStateException when adding Fragment from Backstack +0.26
OnitemClick returns the wrong string value -0.05
Recyclerview is blank when getting data from firebase +1.87
UNIQUE constraint failed: 0.00
Sql select where array in column +0.44
How can i get the url of the images after i've uploaded them wi... 0.00
Is it a good practice to store html page in room database? -1.80
"RuntimeException: Could not deserialize object" while re... -1.14
CEIL and FLOOR in SQLite +0.49
firebase ML kit Aesthetic photo Quality 0.00
How To Fix API cannot connect to Online Web Hosting 0.00
screen coordinates interfere with the bar at the bottom of the screen -0.01
How to cancel all queued request onFailure? (Retrofit2) -0.01
SQLite : How to populate a boolean field on a pojo, from a subQuery +0.49
How can I fix these errors about not being able to find dependencie... +0.02
Android EditText error message popup text not showing -0.67
Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Receiver not r... -0.01
connecting to local backend from android app -0.60
Why doesn't `android:foreground` attribute work? +2.17
Resources and layout direction rendered incorrectly only on Android... -0.01
adview in the top and in the bottom of a webview? -0.02
Android Emulator (AVD) fails to boot in MacOS -0.01
NotifyDataSetChanged does not update the RecyclerView correctly -0.51
Handling back button operation in android 0.00
startActivity illegal start of type +1.18
How to Properly Support English when Localizing an App? -0.02
Android xml drawable color change on selected/focused 0.00
Android Room Database: How to query alphabetically by name? 0.00
Show check mark in selected item of ListView -0.03
Is there any lifecycle method which will get called each time when... 0.00
Intent.putExtra (key,value) is not working +0.50
Scrollable Pager Content Inside a NestedScrollView Issue -0.00
Working on single Firebase project from two machines 0.00
Android Firebase : Second Connected Database not allowing auth in r... 0.00
Http failure response for (unknown url): 0 Unknown Error on android +1.06
Progressbar is null after coming back to activity 0.00
Expo Push Notifications not popping in Android phones (Floating Not... -0.51
how can create Passive Viewholder items recyclerView adapter 0.00
Can't Update Notifications text after Forerground service init;... +0.15
Strange Intent filter pathPattern behaviour +2.08
setTooltipText() and android:tooltipText are not working in Nougat 0.00