An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1447.68 (4,356,699th)
4,987 (33,161st)
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Title Δ
Why when downloading files using webclient downloadfileasync I'... 0.00
Create a C# library which in turn references another library withou... 0.00
How to test raw sql entity framework 0.00
How Can I Reference an Array in a C# Using Statements 0.00
I want to join 2 tables +0.18
Tested Sql connection via Server Explorer but will not Connect at r... -0.43
Serial communication Zebra GC420t - Not receiving -1.49
Property name of output model API +0.58
How to set variable values in parent class only for specific child... +0.02
How to Run WireShark Commands in command line through C# +0.19
How do I get the project Excel path 0.00
ResX Autogenerated File for Culture Specific Access to Resources 0.00
How to track identity changes in EF Core? 0.00
How to check two string inside if condition +1.31
IPC: UWP C# pipe client fails on connect C++ server -1.52
How do I specify a particular endpoint with a topic/subscription in... +1.48
.NET Core API -> Updating an object also update previously loade... 0.00
How to make start with / contains work with EF and SQL Text column... 0.00
How to swipe panels between each other c#? 0.00
How to get the top row in C# of a stored procedure? 0.00
Unclear Bad Request messages from Asp.Net Core API model binding wh... -0.43
Add text to video using FFMPEG(c# application) -1.61
Does .NET CLR precalculate property values? +2.97
How to dynamically add .Where() clause in LINQ +0.58
Why does if ( 'a'<= /*some char*/ <= 'z') not... -0.83
How to launch UWP app from windows forms using C# -1.76
ASP.Net C# (Get A Color (RED) Pixel Position In An Image (PNG)) Ret... -0.84
Trying to stall main-thread while background worker displays a user... 0.00
suspicious cast there is no type in the solution which is inherited... -1.16
My lambda function is not returning bad request -0.43
How to create EntityFrameworkCore Custom data provider? 0.00
Should i store data that need to be cast into variable first? or ca... 0.00
Open Email(Outlook) with Attachment using Angular on a button click +0.19
Storing double values in binary file and reading it 0.00
how to create folders in a C# class library 0.00
Asp.NET Core How to set maxJsonLength 0.00
visual C++ professional 0.00
Benchmarking controller action code to find slow points 0.00
Get UserManager instance inside IConfigureOptions 0.00
Possible to access large data structures loaded in another process... 0.00
Where is the best place to initialize a class property? +0.08
Can't understand how to create a prototype of a procedure witho... +2.23
How to use my own methods or write a DbFunction for EF Core queryin... -1.18
How to create an installer that updates a previous version with Vis... 0.00
How to fix the following code showing this error +1.12
Newtonsoft Jsonconverter not serializing properties when derived of... 0.00
How to create a "DataReceived" Event for SerialDevice? 0.00
Get the Last Date that an Item's Price Changed -0.43
Media Synchronization over network - Master/Slave negotiation 0.00
Name Can Be Simplified - Visual Studio 2019 Override 0.00