An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1709.80 (110th)
177,337 (285th)
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Title Δ
C# - Passing variable type to recursive factory as generic 0.00
Extension methods with type name as `this` parameter, e.g. int?.Try... -2.71
C#: Check whether an object is derived from class described by a Ty... 0.00
Enum to int best practice +0.35
Unable to make an extension method work on a delegate +1.18
MoreLinq maxBy vs LINQ max + where 0.00
Byte array manipulation in c# 0.00
How do i sum a list of items by code(or any field)? +0.72
Is it possible to group LINQ elements based on a sequence? +1.11
Why isn't Visual Studio automatically closing the program when erro... -1.95
Is there an equivalent of "None()" in LINQ? +0.23
Many predicates in where condition 0.00
.NET 4.0 Concurrent collection performance -1.10
How do I use a short[] to a BinaryWriter? 0.00
Convert invalid string to DateTime -0.65
How to sort string by number? 0.00
how to read bool from unmanaged memory, using Marshal class? 0.00
How to type subscript and superscript in resources.resx file? -0.27
Write List<KeyValuePair<string, List<string>>> to... -0.81
What is the fastest way to convert the following byte array -> c... 0.00
Splitting number and string using linq -1.95
Find if field in one Enumerable exists in two possible fields of an... -0.70
C# generics: Can you convert <T> ToString? +0.40
How is a .NET method callback from native code implemented? 0.00
Is it safe to use Queue with one producer and multiple consumers -0.30
How can I write this LINQ query as a Lambda expression? +0.94
What is the equivalent of Python's struct.pack(fmt, v1, v2, ...) in... +0.23
HttpWebRequest.Headers[HttpRequestHeader.Referer] failed with error -0.78
Is it possible to catch exception thrown from base class constructo... 0.00
C# Expression trees - allowing byte to be assignable to int type +0.22
Regex backreferencing for month, day, and year? +0.37
Creating a complex UID thats not a GUID/UUID in the normal sense +1.14
Translate a bunch of booleans to a list of enums using LINQ -1.00
Generic Method That Inverts Booleans -0.60
Implement a generic class where the definition is on a base interfa... 0.00
How to create an XDocument given an XmlWriter? 0.00
Fast but secure method for verifying password? -1.17
Alternative to Task.Run that doesn't throw warning +1.63
Want To Validate The Index Number Of A Given Array Using If +1.24
How do I read a value from registry? 0.00
Is it a bad idea to use Generic Types to 'switch on types'? -3.55
How to get total results count before .Take() - but when using .Tak... +0.53
List sorting C# using 2 fields +0.29
Calculating days from TimeSpan hours -1.70
How to avoid implementing empty constructors in derived classes? +0.78
Linq Where condition to match array +1.10
In C#, how to check whether a string contains an integer? +1.00
Return Enum String based on Enum Name 0.00
Async and Await keywords in C# +2.24
Changing a 2D array to jagged array 0.00