An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1490.31 (4,240,073rd)
577 (239,981st)
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Title Δ
Arc welder fail to download when first use 0.00
escaping complicated command line arguments in bash and ssh -2.40
SED replace few first occurences ( and ranges ) of pattern +5.06
Awk: generating icalendar file. How to print some consecutive lines? -3.23
Match Lines From Two Lists With Wildcards In One List -3.27
How to insert a random string into the sed 's//' replace st... -3.05
How to use the output from sed command as a string and use that str... 0.00
How to extract text following a keyword in UNIX -3.03
sed: How to join the lines of a record with an empty line delimitin... -1.05
Retrieve text from predictable toml files and output as CSV +4.72
field separator in awk script 0.00
How to convert data format in JSON using SED +4.46
What is meaning of "<<", "--" in perl and... +1.54
sed OSX command not working in Ubuntu 0.00
How to extract value of CPU idle from sar command using AWK -3.97
find duplicate filenames and append them to hash of arrays -0.86
Looping through fields in awk -2.77
Print out only last 4 digits of mac addresses from 2nd column using... -1.50
Match a pattern, insert the pattern, until next match -0.16
Instant Search only returns one item 0.00
Three dynamic dropdown +0.00
Bash - Search and Replace operation with reporting the files and li... 0.00
Defining two sub domains of my domain as nameservers of another dom... -4.09
How to specify which reveal.js presentation to run from a local web... 0.00
Adding customized straight line on x-axis by jpgrph 0.00
Linux: schedule command at a specific, different predetermined time... +3.92
Read Excel Macros Programmaticly in PHP or JS 0.00
Unwanted line break in source code with php include 0.00