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1516.44 (40,334th)
1,761 (94,226th)
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Title Δ
Empty braces magic in initializer lists +3.22
How to find out the size of a dynamic Eigen vector in bytes? 0.00
how to move unique_ptr object between two STL containers +0.48
what is wrong with this array usage in c++? +1.49
Is there a way for changing text file names in a folder using C++ +0.48
template non-type template parameter -0.21
c++ finding argmax of vector from specific indices 0.00
in c++ my operator overloading prefix not work -1.34
How to take template assignment without friend c++ 0.00
Add the number digits with recursion +0.48
Queue heap or stack 0.00
Why is there no movement of objects in the vector when additional m... -1.24
I am trying to change the order of english alphabets in a string su... +2.25
How to use ampersands and asterisks when passing pointers by refere... -0.09
Can someone explain why this vector erase operation isn't worki... +1.48
Printing triangle without nested conditionals +0.26
Condition inside if-statement not being satisfied, but is still exe... 0.00
Free functions in C++ 0.00
How to set up and dereference a generic pointer for a derived class... 0.00
Determine if string contains a particular character at compile time +2.72
Operate prefixed expression from input -0.03
Compiler optimization on the traveling salesman problem 0.00
C++ constructor with optional parameters +0.87
Trying to find the log of a number but it is not working for some r... 0.00
Presentation error for online judge in C++ 0.00
is there other way to fill in array in C++ without vector -0.26
c++ variadic parameter join path -1.52
C++ merging linked list issue 0.00
C++: How to see if an element in an array is over a certain value? -1.01
How to call a renamed symbol in an external object file? 0.00
How can I de-duplicate code without declaring an additional functio... 0.00
Can SPACE, instead of ENTER, be used to take input in C++? 0.00
How to use swap() in C++ when the parameters must be 2D arrays usin... 0.00
" not captured " Error in std::all_of() C++ 0.00
Is there a less verbose idiom for unpacking an optional in C++? -0.20
Store data in a vector from another class 0.00
Can I use std::string_view with getline when parsing a file? +2.01
Exercise to verify if a word == it's reverse +0.49
How do we understand the Iterator for a set<pair<int,int>&... -0.52
How to separate variadic template arguments while printing to the s... -1.74
Hexadecimal to decimal converter not working (c++) +0.25
Returning value of type defined in a class template 0.00
Have to load a hex file in c++ into a buffer? 0.00
Can I "hide" anything defined in a header file in C++ +2.43
Forcing an overload selection at the callee site -1.16
Why does the address of the assigned object not change in C++? -0.55
Checking if a string contains more than just keywords C++ +0.52
8 Queens brute force problem is not printing out the results, C++ 0.00
error: C2440 'return': cannot convert from 'int' to T 0.00
C++ Vectors insertion and iterators confusion +1.22