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Otávio Barreto

1463.78 (4,349,809th)
939 (161,471st)
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Title Δ
html_entity_decode not working for some html entities like „ 0.00
MQL4 increase the width of the COG 0.00
HTML page refresh 0.00
Can someone explain what the fork() is going on? 0.00
PHP 7: How to append new field into stdObject but on a specific pos... 0.00
Div with z-index:9 staying under another z-index of 1 +0.65
Setting Bootstrap Accordion to be closed & expand tab on click 0.00
read the .pdf in the web page -0.20
Wordpress plugin upload timeout - nginx 0.00
Run a function after a form has been submitted 0.00
How to display a specific HTML element if the page is embedded in a... -0.45
Proper way to assign a pointer to an array 0.00
JQuery file input works locally but not on remote server +0.05
Images are blurry on some devices 0.00
Is there a CSS only way to hide elements only when another element... +0.06
How to check if the element of a particular attribute exists in a c... -0.79
Logic to NOT insert a value to column X in a prepared statement -0.76
How to initially center an image inside inline-block container when... -0.57
How can i redirect a following url to a path existing using nginx 0.00
Possible HTACCESS issue not serving sub pages correctly 0.00
JQuery function stops working after first click +0.04
How to autohide div on a set of timeout -1.09
Bootstrap grid display incorrectly in Galaxy Tab S 0.00
How to add a scrollbar into a chat? 0.00
Vertically center two divs -1.04
Chrome not submitting POST request to server 0.00
Store a HTML list to mySQL by using PHP 0.00
How to fix "jquery is not defined" +0.54
bootstrap 4 arrange items to stay left and right and in the same li... +0.53
RTCPeerConnection is not being cleared in google chrome webrtc-inte... -1.65
I am not getting expected result with a while loop 0.00
bootstrap flex do not center the content +2.42
Can set multiple value in looping the html <p> tag? 0.00
.htaccess for exclude URL and remove www. and switch to https +0.04
Jquery not sending textarea name="post_description" +0.05
HTML - Popover ist not overlapping with z-index +0.05
convert emoji character to Unicode codepoint number in php +0.47
Disable Chrome Options Menu - Android -0.13
PDO union select results nothing -0.49
Trying to execute node.js command from PHP page -0.46
Jquery LOAD as alternative or similar to IFRAME +0.06
PHP convert script into a function +0.55
PHP array diplaying as plain text in HTML page 0.00
Textarea doesn't resize properly -0.44
MYSQL: BAD_FIELD_ERROR Unknown column in 'field list' 0.00
Cannot make centred text next to image in div responsive in small d... +0.05
Why can't I set a max-width for Instagram iFrames in my scss fi... 0.00
How can I reduce whitespace between ordered list items? 0.00
Whether a website search coded with PHP (with .txt file as indexing... 0.00
PHP not getting the vars of include relativetime.php file but all o... 0.00