An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1359.82 (4,409,283rd)
558 (247,118th)
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Title Δ
Pass by reference to a function 0.00
how to change to c code while using for loop and array 0.00
Unterminated address regex using sed +0.18
Use sed command with substring to replace 0.00
Using value inside a variable without expanding -0.31
rename the end of filename by subtracting value -0.70
Deleting the first string on the first line of two consecutive line... -0.38
Sed conditional match and execute command with offset +0.20
Keep lines between the two > signs, keeping the first one but ex... +0.36
How can I escape all non-alphanumeric characters in AWK? -0.92
Swapping mupltiple words and numbers that occur in one line using SED -0.25
How to assign a combination of string and a variable to another var... -0.80
Copy value from previous line using awk/sed -0.61
Using SED/AWK, extract lines from text file where line have N commo... -0.38
Remove new line only for specific block -0.61
Using sed, insert a space at the 3rd last index of each line -0.71
Get only numbers in output -0.16
sed search and replace item within double quotes +0.77
Remove last column from txt (pdb file keeping its original formating +1.09
convert single line log to correct format using awk +0.76
I dont want to print repeated lines based on column 6 and 7 +0.84
Converting Perl Regex Statement to Python Regex -0.60
how to insert line break after a specific string? -1.32
how to remove columns except the last one? -1.31
Getting last executed command name in bash script -0.34
How to display lines x-3 and x-1 based on contents of line x? +0.23
Sed command to replace numbers between space and : +1.72
awk arithmetic operation from string -1.06
awk multiple row and printing results +0.01
Substitute text with number sequence using sed -0.70
Manipulate AWK field variables ($1,$2,..) and add that to the end o... +0.14
Using sed or grep to search and replace ip address in the file +1.04
How to remove entire array that have specific character -1.39
Making a new column out of specific lines from within a file? +1.85
how remove break line with awk or sed? -1.25
How to locate the data column instead of character position NOT usi... +0.04
Sum of 2nd and 3rd column for same value in 1st column +2.40
Extract the line in a file if the second column matches a certain v... -1.04
Extract number with special characters from a file using sed and gr... +0.21
sed - Remove previous line and current line based on pattern +1.80
Compare two tables and display selected value from 2nd table -0.31
How to copy a value from one column to another? -0.57
How to swap only numeric values in each line +0.36
Surround every line with single quote except empty lines -0.64
AWK filter first and last row of given variable, discard the middle... +0.06
Validate password using regex +0.08
Look behind regex in one-liner perl +0.33
Sum column and count lines -0.36
how to make grep ignore first line and process other line -1.09
How to use 'sed' to add dynamic prefix to each number in in... -0.37