An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.98 (4,384,796th)
11,095 (13,457th)
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Title Δ
Entity Framework max ID 0.00
How to best avoid checking user data (payments, license status) on... -0.46
Find the url that Calls an api using webapi-2 +0.54
C# Best way to create folder-structures 0.00
Bootstrap tour backdrop blinking between steps 0.00
Using SqlQuery in ASP.NET MVC +0.51
Avoid lazyloader attribute +0.05
How to Refer to Controls Created in Razor Expression? 0.00
RestSharp - GET request with parameters 0.00
DropzoneJS thumbnailWidth and thumbHeight don't work +0.04
Reset a @HTML.DropDownList & Table on button click without Java... -0.47
Adding multi page MigraDoc document to a PDFSharp document 0.00
Create an ASP.NET MVC Html helper similar to DropDownListFor 0.00
How to use c# to perform summing data with type conversion from SQL... -0.89
MVC 4 @HTML.DropdownlistFor onchange event needs to send SelectedIn... 0.00
ASP.NET MVC5 Html.Beginform not calling action method -0.01
VB.NET getting error: Class 'Application' must implement &#... -1.12
Best Place to manage shared API calls to 3rd party application insi... +0.11
Get Values from table called with ViewModel -1.38
Why does my razor label seem to require a model property to display... 0.00
ASP.NET MVC and HTML "<img" tag pointing to a URL whic... +2.49
Calling a WebApi as a class instance +2.33
In MVC can I use data annotation to replace default text with an im... 0.00
Is there any way to split a huge EDMX? 0.00
Ajax post model to controller action 0.00
Trying to get data shown in a drop down list 0.00
.NET Mvc Localization 0.00
ASP.NET MVC Lifecycle - Do Some Work Once Per Page Request +0.42
What version of Visual Studio do I need for ASP NET MVC5? 0.00
How to Link FontAwesome.css via MVC4 Razor -0.50
ViewModel in postback to controller is null +0.54
how to check condition in "for" loop based on dropdownlis... 0.00
find all id where deleted column value should be 0 0.00
Is there a function in Entity Framework that translates to the RANK... 0.00
How can ViewModels reduce code and logic within my view? -2.04
Get single values from ViewBag SelectList 0.00
Remote validation mvc -0.02
Access model variables in entire project MVC5 Razor - use Basecontr... 0.00
MVC: show Modal dialog from Controller +0.54
Adding images within Html.ActionLink +0.19
MVC pagination in html table -0.81
How to retrieve large amount of image from resources and randomly a... 0.00
Button click event to transfer image between 2 Picturebox 0.00
ActionLink to submit Model value 0.00
Do I need to code the success function of the ajax call to complete... 0.00
DRYing MVC helper options 0.00
redirect after 5 seconds using multithreading in mvc 5 0.00
What is the best way to persist data between several views +0.51
"Entry has already been added" - Two Separate App Pools -0.46
HttpPost not rendering the page 0.00