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1444.46 (4,406,890th)
2,178 (76,885th)
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Title Δ
Sending String from Arduino to Processing app on Android over Bluet... 0.00
How do I implement a directed graph in C++ without using an adjacen... 0.00
Trying to setup a proxy via a c++ program. Doesn't work 0.00
Tracing the output, could not figure it out even when debugging it? -2.37
How do I make the contents of a list go into an unordered map using... 0.00
c++ reading characters in from a file char by char using only char... 0.00
C++ compilling errors when using Quadprog++ with Eigen together +4.66
Need to understand how char * strcpy (char *cad1, const char *cad2)... -3.42
Is it possible to add to char type variable to get string ? +4.91
Error 'class HotelRoom' has no member named 'menu'... 0.00
What exactly does new object() do in c# -3.47
C++ initialization char array by pointer -3.74
C++ crash after printing 2 dimensional array 0.00
c++ segfault in class vector +4.20
Check if a number appears in an array C++ -3.40
Foreign key support in SQLite3 C++ ver.3.25.3 0.00
Program crashes after leaving main scope (dynamically allocating) +4.72
no type named 'type' in class std::result_of -2.83
Cpp string::copy function adds additional characters +5.21
arduino fingerprint scanner with bluetooth module 0.00
IDXGIFactory versions -1.29
C++ Literals and Unicode -2.39
Linker error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol 0.00
Pimpl idiom, separate interface/implementation files, and multiple... +0.05
C++ in Netbeans: many senseless "unexpected token" hints 0.00
C++ Make File Issue 0.00
MFC Rich Edit Control 2.0 receiving click event +0.50
Could not build c++ projects targeting windows 8.1 in VS2015. Unres... 0.00
One to one correspondence between objects collection and ListBox rows +1.12
Is converting my server response char array to a wchar_t array the... 0.00
Storing various types in a vector -3.25
What is a "Regular Type" in the context of move semantics? -3.07
Error 1 error LNK1104: cannot open file 'winmm.lib' 0.00
C++: Find Installation Directory of MS PowerPoint Viewer -3.48
how to get the Version of a DLL? +4.88
C++: container replacement for vector/deque for huge sizes -1.59
"complete" reference for GUI design using winapi 0.00
CComPtr replacement for gcc? +5.07
C2440 error when using Qt creator but code runs fine using VS2010 E... 0.00
C++: Is there an overhead of validating in a constructor if all dat... -3.62
It is possible to put a hook catching messages that are send to con... -3.21
Reading a list of numbers and sorting C++ -3.16
How to access a variable in an object from a member object's function 0.00
how to send maximum number of udp packets per second 0.00
does std::runtime_error copy the string passed in the constructor? -3.05
Create a pcl::PointCloud::Ptr from a pcl::PointCloud +4.61
CreateCompatibleDC() failure -3.23
copied array and bubble sort c++ -1.00
WTL and CContainedWindow causing access violation +0.72
Display QString in MainWindow from DWORD thread -3.77