An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1482.68 (4,359,329th)
6,210 (26,146th)
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Title Δ
Datatables jQuery get row data mobile/pc view 0.00
C# .NET Core 3.1 Entity Framework : include using where condition g... 0.00
JQuery/JS function not firing on <a> -0.10
Table rows toggle() with jQuery and DataTable +0.02
Open current url without last path 0.00
jQuery remote validation on create vs update 0.00
JQuery thead sorting image removal 0.00
How to call nested ajax call and send object data to controller in... +0.03
Can inserted records be returned in Save method in Entity Framework? 0.00
How can I get the table middle column to be scrollable? +0.54
Apply inputMask but hide it in input -1.92
JavaScript Score value not increasing 0.00
GIF as icon for my Windows Forms Application -0.46
for loop only showing last object from array +0.43
jquery search text box: how to ignore few list repeated elements wh... 0.00
Why is position absolute vs fixed position giving different readings? -0.42
Is there a way to make a var of this piece of code? -0.42
JS:checking if number belongs to Fibonacci sequence(without loop) -0.12
How to disable Checkbox after checking another checkbox in array +1.19
Display appropriate message when JSON object is empty 0.00
Get CSV via Ajax avoiding CORS +0.52
How do I check the Html.ValidationSummary for errors? +0.50
Bootsrap Modal on hide method does not trigger 0.00
Reading in a csv, getting System.FormatException error, but not sur... 0.00
How to use jQuery to horizontally scroll all the way to the right o... -0.48
Round up if positive, round down if negative? -0.46
Why does window.onload allow me to use functions when they are used... -0.03
javascript - How to get a specific form from a forms array without... +0.85
How to automatially go to the otherpage after clearing some fields? 0.00
raising onkeypress element when input value is null +0.47
jQuery - Get table cell value +1.36
Looking for a tool can run javascript in my computer -0.26
Jquery UI dialog box.. dialog box content loading on main page +1.63
JQuery DataTables - Filter column by exact match +0.79
Galleria - Load each image dynamically +0.52
FadeOut, Replace HTML & FadeIn -0.09
Javascript map with two values in the key -0.52
Items to move up dynamically 0.00
Why isn't Safari 3.1 showing my alerts +2.49
find if an element has empty elements inside jquery -0.04
jQuery: how to refresh javascript value on select event? -0.45
DataTables warning: JSON data from server could not be parsed. This... +0.03
Is it possible to kill jQuery UI while it's actively sorting/draggi... 0.00
How to change the class property of <li> in jQuery tab widget +0.36
How to write a trigger function to Jquery trigger() -0.45
How do I select certain objects under $(this) in jQuery? +1.08
JS int array to MVC3 controller +1.26
How to add hover animation to an already animated image link with j... 0.00
.animate jquery event handler in the middle of animation +1.79
jquery slideup and down multiple divs +1.28