An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Saravanan I

1522.85 (26,244th)
1,144 (137,082nd)
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Title Δ
CSS issues with NavBar 0.00
Destructing a javascript object to get inner object -3.78
How to add a class to the body of the page, when the menu is open? +1.93
move div to top 0.00
How to reset game score and button text -3.76
JavaScript - Number finder in array 0.00
CSS Image scaling on the left with the details on the right +3.84
Hover doesn't reset after click +0.96
If something is displayed on a page then go into if statement? +0.26
Fitting image within div with CSS +1.72
Using a div tag in a repeater to display horizontally +3.77
JSON Stringify for forms with same name params +4.03
Set div height between two divs +3.95
Align text center below the icon in a table td (multiple icons) +0.03
Make icon appear after input -0.19
Using method sort() for sorting symbols in element of array -0.11
Flexbox align-self is changing the div's height +3.88
dynamic input on change jquery +4.20
Clicking outside of element returns JS error -0.03
Why I am not able to add an object to an array? [javascript] +4.00
In android app the click is not working .when i click on this link.... +4.11
How to hide a flexbox element with smoth effect +1.68
Javascript: Trying to randomly move items from one array to another +0.03
How to control opening multiple dialogs -2.17
Fixed Nav bar with Grid Layout 0.00
Show a div in between flex items 0.00
dont want element stacking on top of each other 0.00
Centering object below 2 floating ones 0.00
My Custom.css not working -0.14
Image work fine I Chrome but not IE +0.01
Div Background not showing up what's the solution? +4.14
Navigation menu clicks issue +4.07
z-index of child element of a flex item 0.00
SASS - Applying changer to ::after when :hover -1.82
Destructuring and reordering Array with ES6 and React -2.28
Placing div next to each other 0.00
Using before CSS, add circle in the background -1.06
Height of the Monaco Editor -2.30
How to align a div at the bottom of another which use flex box? -3.14
Different elements in one animation +4.08
Flex column - align div vertically to middle and another div vertic... -2.26
Show a grid similar to an alert -2.80
Unbinding preventDefault in click event? -4.15
CSS - Weird White-Space In Border of Image +4.02
Chrome does not expand flex parent according to children's cont... -1.38
CSS make label text align with select text +4.07
How to center only a child element from a container using Flexbox? +0.02
CSS: first and last adjacent siblings of class +4.00
Bootstrap Overlay Menu Change Drag Button? +0.10
How to customized space between two text input in bootstrap -4.09