An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1482.13 (4,234,520th)
19 (1,510,626th)
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Title Δ
Populate the array with condition on dataframe column 0.00
How to copy certain range of files in Linux? 0.00
Create nested dictionary from text file using Python 3 +2.11
Finding numbered functions within C++ code? 0.00
How to detect the group of characters in a string using RegEx? +4.18
Pull CME price data into Python 3.6.8 -1.57
RegEx pattern to capture comma-separated list of words -0.08
beautifulsoup-returns-none-even-though-the-td -class=titlecolumn-el... +0.50
Does selenium or other web scrapper tools are mandatory for scrappi... 0.00
RegEx for capturing contents between asterisks, except for a word -3.63
Click a javascript text with python and selenium 0.00
How to extract all values from specific key in dictionary? -3.50
build error in code block for function gets +0.70
how to get output of printf inside the function to the main program... 0.00
How to start, stop and get output from another python program -3.66
How do I remove all numbers from a string except date and time usin... 0.00
How to Find Words Not Containing Specific Letters? -1.48
Not able to scrape the all the reviews 0.00
Extraction of Data using tbodyclass and Beautifulsoup -1.91
Error message 10054 when wescraping with requests module 0.00
Bypassing "Honeypots" when scraping 0.00
pygame import is not working for me, it shows some import error 0.00
Replace numbers in a word by a char -1.28
Multiple for-loops break in Python -0.98
When replace xml contents containing special characters during pars... 0.00
Print all the rows that do and don't have blank fields into sep... -3.94
Configuring VSCode with CMake on Qt - ui_*.h files can't be found 0.00
Compiling hello world.cpp in terminal (macOS) -4.19
Python writing data to json error: "Cannot read property '... 0.00
Pointer to pointer as argument in a function -0.63
Suggestion: The best way to send messages on Facebook without getti... +1.07
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characte... +0.42
How can I monitor website from mobile and get instant notification... 0.00
Saving more than one fingerprint on my device 0.00