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Fady Saad

1450.11 (4,405,677th)
1,063 (145,931st)
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Title Δ
How can I connect to Mysql of my of my local from the EC2 ubuntu sy... +0.07
Frame two non-nested for loops in list comprehension -1.31
Numerical operations on 2D array in python using numpy +0.34
Python: how to skip the repeated lines in an input file? 0.00
Why do I get a typeorder for str and int here? -0.42
Using Tuples as Keys in Python -0.79
How to make global empty integer? +0.16
I can't make sense of this code: -0.35
Redis get data using python +0.07
Searching in large PDF files. What technology to use? 0.00
How can i stop timer code +0.07
Python LinkedList delete function not working +2.99
How can I get value from 2d array? - Python +0.42
How to get combinations of strings in a list with different positio... -1.39
how Ajax calls url with particular div id +0.06
Pull out Dates from string -0.98
TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable when parsing user i... -0.77
Running python script on multiple files 0.00
(Python Challenge) comparing signs of 2 numbers without using <... +0.56
Python regex for UK number +0.07
Remove function changes elements of an unrelated for loop (Python) +1.40
Python find element in list that ends with number -1.08
Is it bad to create a table calling other tables in mysql? 0.00
Python 3 : Unexpected indent in 'if' -0.17
Python: How to build a new column based on the partial string prese... -1.53
check if user input is equal to the value of a specific dictionary... +0.36
Using python finding numbers divisible by 5 & 7 -0.12
Search in the list +4.61
Pygame music error 0.00
confusion in python printing the lists -3.40
Unexpected output while splitting and parsing a string into int (Ja... 0.00
Jersey Service and Persistence Layers 0.00
how to create jTextField.checkEmpty() 0.00
Java for loop to get the sum of numbers +1.27
Java Selection Sort implementation not working output "[I@15db... -0.94
Why is my program not considering adding up the value that the user... +4.60
how to use the a string value for arithmetic equations? 0.00
Error linking inherited constructor 0.00
LocalStorage noUiSlider values || Important! : ( -3.46
How to put user input into an array and displaying them in java +2.51
Method Overloading Integer vs Long -1.60
Java string input not working correctly +4.77
Multiple Hboxes in javafx -3.43
Printing a timer that updates every second into a simple game -1.58
Eclipse not opening; "Unresolved Requirement" 0.00
What is "chained exception facility" in java? 0.00
Correct JSON response for Retrofit+GSON? -0.43
url-pattern "/" vs "/*" vs blank in servlet 0.00
While looping through JDBC resultset what happens if we lose network? 0.00
JSON Values extends another JSON values +1.81