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Svend Hansen

1478.00 (4,503,567th)
2,351 (71,694th)
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Title Δ
Convert strings to floats or double from a list c# +0.61
Why do I not get the result back from my startActivityForResult? +0.45
How to replace element in MeshRenderer.sharedMaterials -1.52
avoid executing a DB query in loop -1.08
How can I get "last-changed-revision" after having done a... 0.00
Backup Unity's playerprefs with Android auto backup 0.00
JWT authentication from Unity script 0.00
Loading Scene and Main Scene -3.79
GIT LFS: Get the complete list from the whole repository +0.44
Unable to convert git repo to use large file support (lfs) via the... +0.22
NullReferenceException in Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() on Android 0.00
How to find largest value from multiple ArrayList? +4.48
Why does my Cygwin copy or mkdir with a variable in directory name... 0.00
Are generic type parameters converted to Object for raw types? +2.98
Can I add two generic values in java? -1.68
How to format java time properly 0.00
Java: Setting time of object creation +0.54
java determine max element of the list of objects -1.05
Java: Mac terminal cannot display Java Graphics +0.36
Class#isInstance vs Class#isAssignableFrom -1.02
How to display the sum of the cubes of the digits? +3.17
Null Pointer Exception with a Class array +0.58
Stop java file running in ssh -3.72
git: rename local branch failed -3.38
Unable to capture part of a line using sed -n '/.../p' +0.12
solution to Check for NullPointerException or ArrayOutOfBound Excep... +0.29
accidentally committed a different project into git repository 0.00
Best way to add a "prompt" message to std::cout -3.32
How to perform the reverse of `xargs`? +1.13
What are the errors of this Java code? -0.73
How to display content of a file with taking account of other file? -1.64
How can I print the content of an array in a variable -1.36
How can i resolve the Exception in thread "main" java.lan... +0.21
Pipes in unix - is the value implicitly supplied as an argument? +4.47
Java Iterator for primitive types -0.64
Java Logic For Loops // Trying to Create a Deck of Cards -3.06
Calling a function with a return type other than void as a lone sta... +1.56
Bash 'yes a' and 'yes b' -1.89
I accidentally created a file called / and another call --reporter,... 0.00
Unpacking an array into method arguments -1.15
Why does my untar not contain the last bytes -4.02
maven release:prepare IOException 0.00
SQL Reports - sorting an column based on the date mentioned in anot... +0.31
Java Desktop Application : How to fix height and width -1.37
Decimal to HH:MM Conversion -3.23
Troubleshoot Eclipse's "Run on server" deploy -4.30
TOMCAT_OPTS, environment variable and System.getEnv() 0.00
Eclipse 3.6.1 and Tomcat 7 problems 0.00
Bash: Testing if a variable is an integer 0.00
Perforce changelist does not show any files 0.00