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Valeriy K.

1507.79 (94,540th)
114 (640,692nd)
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Title Δ
Itext PDF works slowly with Paragraph 0.00
How to catch sdbus::Error exception in c++? 0.00
Can't call java methods from c++ wrapper in JNI 0.00
Can't send message on specified address with Netty UDP and Simp... 0.00
Can't get local and utc Instant -1.98
AWS adds metadata to file content when using uploadUrl +3.42
NIO Files.write with OpenOption: write bytearray to unexist folder... 0.00
Can't access gitlab-ci environment variables in build.gradle UP... 0.00
AEADBadTagException: Input too short - need tag. How to pass a tag? 0.00
How to switch between repositories in Gradle when build locally or... 0.00
How to handle negative JUNIT test case for Elasticsearchn CRUD oper... -3.72
Pass a list of string to a declared class file +3.91
Failed to instantiate object when objects structure change in Mongo... 0.00
Handle only custom exception in spring retry 0.00
Spring retry without spring application 0.00
An application does not stops after AWSIotMqttClient disconnected 0.00
Export Swagger end-points as single json file -0.05
Java : Map UrlEncoded String to Java Object 0.00
How can I read an Excel file (xlsx) from my s3 bucket with Kotlin/J... 0.00
Get a bean created in another module, which current module does not... 0.00
Permissions to start, update AWS IOT job 0.00
Spring Boot Rest API + Spring Batch 0.00
How to get returned object using mockito framework -0.43
Illegal option: -cacerts for keytool in gitlab-ci with gradle:jdk8 +0.52
AWSIotException: Cross account not allowed when trying to attach po... 0.00
What is AWS iot security identity in AttachPolicyRequest? 0.00
How to write an interface to connect two REST API's 0.00
How to generate AWS bootstrap certificates with java SDK? 0.00
Insert in child and parent JSON Spring Boot +3.93
ArgumentMatcher for Kotlin -0.07
Spring Boot and Kotlin - How to validate a JSON object +4.04
Does Spring have Jackson built in - If so how to parse JSON -0.27
This variable must either have a type annotation or be initialzied.... 0.00
Spring Boot Application error: Exception in thread "main"... 0.00
Java Spring error 404 while trying to get JSON from API. Works in p... -1.60
how to create dynamic attributes for different data types and store... 0.00
Configure spring batch without persisting metadata 0.00
Spring batch run multiple jobs in parallel +0.00
How to add many SSL certificates for Java application inside docker? +3.95
NPE when using map {} on ArrayList containing NULLs 0.00 Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream using Apa... -3.88
how to create PACT for multipart/form-data uploading cdc test 0.00
Does AWS Step functions support binary data? 0.00
Getting class cast exception in spark ml for scala.collection.immut... 0.00
pyspark using sklearn.DBSCAN getting error after submit the spark j... 0.00