An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Anubhav Ranjan

1461.10 (4,351,645th)
1,083 (143,375th)
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Title Δ
Change style of TimePicker in Xamarin 0.00
Xamarin Android Webview Linkify email addresses 0.00
xamarin.form not buliding for android 0.00
Xamarin labs checkbox ios not working -3.64
Set custom WebView header in UWP -3.25
ContentPage update 1st StackLayout based on 2nd Selection 0.00
How can i make my ListView consume as little space as necessary in... 0.00
Xamarin Forms UWP Hide Title Bar -3.77
Xamarin deploying not working with Android +4.42
How is the pricing setup for Azure DocumentDB? 0.00
Windows Phone 8.1 WinRT or Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight -3.72
Namespace Windows.Phone.Speech not available 0.00
Capabilities tab Windows Phone 8.1 SDK weird -0.05
Need a way to add a class to a specific div based off an a tag's href +4.32
jquery select part of the total json output -1.07
How to hide everything except particular block? (JavaScript) -1.85
AJAX and returns (async related) -3.01
Selecting element ID from class +1.22
JQuery UI Tabs not behaving as it should 0.00
JavaScript - detect mobile vendor natively (no jquery) 0.00
Programatically change value based on selected item from dropdownlist +2.10
Portable Class Library project - reference assemblies not installed? +4.31
How to see if checkboxes with the same name are checked and then re... +2.41
How to make use of Text to Speech in Windows Phone App 0.00
How can I centralize entitlement logic in an controller? -0.49
Display Image using AJAX -2.44
Pause scrolling on hover +0.57
Running jquery gallery makes links unclickable +0.43
Data binding while manipulating the DOM not working with Angular, K... +0.44
Mvc: Render View as string (Async) -3.61
Adding fade effects to img slider - pure JavaScript +0.27
Reset jQuery DataTables to default -1.73
datatable.js stop working if autocomplete starts +0.67
Bind country names to drop down list using jquery -1.16
setInterval slow down on each second during display server time 0.00
NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://localhost:8080/login +0.26
Can Javascript close a window when a file finishes uploading to a s... -3.79
Javascript function is not verifying a form -1.77
Response.End() generates an error when exporting gridview to excel... -2.43
Simple ASP.NET File Upload +0.33
What is the default connection pool size in c3p0 +6.28
Knockout js visible binding does not seem to be working -3.98
How to check the return of this callback -4.00
Unable to detect droppable event on body using jquery UI -3.96
stop all videos when a new video is played 0.00
Are there are any important differences between these two ways of w... -2.20
space validation in js? -3.73
javascript using settimeout() with a loop +2.96
escaped html won't unescaped (now: unescaped html won't escape back) -3.92
Is IE The Only Browser (or version) That Does Not Allow Flash Objec... -0.65