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1549.98 (7,958th)
8,734 (17,860th)
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Title Δ
batch script error level output is not showing expected output -1.05
Batch-file: how to backup all .doc files to a folder 0.00
Get a specific text from a text file using batch -0.06
Find IP address and map network drive 0.00
How to catch a File Not Found message within a Windows batch file -0.90
Batch file to map network drive -0.07
Hide file not exist error in loop batch file 0.00
Windows batch file to hide multiple extensions in folder and subfol... 0.00
Call Waiting Spinner Via Arguments In Batch Script +2.30
Move files batch doesn't work with double click but works from... +0.79
Batch file missing operand error, but output is correct 0.00
How to export output from command prompt to txt file 0.00
batch file wmic usage +1.97
How do I recursively rename files with cmd -2.71
putty connection and remote desktop connection together in one batc... 0.00
Using FOR /R for recursive search only in a subset of folder hierar... +0.04
Using echo in batch file 0.00
How to make a program run only when there is Internet connection us... -0.82
How windows cmd set parse variable names? +1.98
What am I doing wrong in my windows batch script, I'm trying to... 0.00
Multi lined value stored in a batch string 0.00
Extracting URL from text file in Batch +1.94
Remotely get serial number and model from list file and export it t... 0.00
how to test if a new file is added to a directory and do something 0.00
Using the robocopy to copy specific files just if NOT exist +0.44
How do I start a batch file minimized -0.15
How to delete files with specific names in windows 10 using batch f... 0.00
Rename multiple folders a specific way with a .bat file 0.00
Find in file then move the file -2.31
Batch file output without path/directory in front of the commands -2.08
Windows Batch - Variable Substitution Not Working in Inner For Loop... 0.00
How to get input from prefix and with random suffix using batch? +1.83
Batch File for installing python and running script 0.00
Unable to stream content to file -2.34
MONTH Variable now having issue -0.09
Batch File- Command - Dynamic input for renaming folders 0.00
Batch File path with an [at] @ sign +1.95
I want to execute few cmd commands from a text file by using a batc... +0.31
Get a variable from filename string in windows batch -1.06
Rename a file by replacing few characters using Batch script 0.00
How to rename folders with specific name in them and keep case -0.69
The file is renamed with batch file but it won't stop 0.00
In node.js, how do I run a .bat file in new window? 0.00
create a .bat file and run multiple command with call 0.00
How to allow user input batch script & parse the value to cmd 0.00
I need to know which of 4 keys are pressed in batch 0.00
FINDSTR in CMD - whole words only 0.00
How to make a random chance "function" in Batch -0.66
extract key=value from string with batch script -2.01
find a file given string criteria in batch -0.64