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Rating Stats for

Raman Sailopal

1453.37 (4,531,654th)
2,021 (83,123rd)
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Title Δ
Linux - Count in the number of files that have more than a n lines +0.65
trim last word from string from commandline in linux -2.18
how to get the product of all odd numbers up to n using shell script -0.50
Updating a PHP config file from a shell script keeping quotes and e... +2.30
shell scripting for data arranging 0.00
How to specify and extract html element by curl 0.00
Using regex OR with find to list and delete files 0.00
Replacing a parameter in a text file based on the latest filename i... -1.12
Issue in executing docker command in bash script 0.00
Parse text files from multiple folders and create new ones [shell] -0.76
Update YAML value on CLI 0.00
Cannot change ownership of a subdirectory under a mount directory 0.00
Loop through certain lines of files in home directory in bash -0.92
remove files within specific time range 0.00
Display only the users in Linux 0.00
xmlstarlet select value of an attribute based on value of other att... +0.06
Assign variable to each line in shell script and use them later 0.00
How to grep data from one file, do small operation and then append... -1.13
Replace string value using SED command +0.05
Bash try to count number of occurence? -0.80
BASH: Math with variable filled with data from Text file (Resolved) +2.73
Is it possible to get bash access in NOT running container? -0.01
How to calculate average of each column and the data in separate fi... 0.00
How can I append values to each line in file1 after using part of t... +0.53
cut -f multiple arguments -1.44
Word count and it output +0.04
Bash - does the awk function have a built in julian day function? 0.00
I am trying to find a file in a directory, but the shell code snipp... -2.07
How can I insert commas in 1 word that I have tailed +2.14
UNIX - How to swap characters under particular column in UNIX -1.41
shell script to calculate the age of AWS IAM access keys +0.05
How to fix "malformed entry 50 in list file /etc/apt/sources.l... 0.00
Hpw to set -rw-rw-r-- this permission to a file on a linux server +0.57
How to only concatenate files with same identifier using bash script? +1.83
Fetching the value of variable stored in a file +2.55
Calculate average of the printed time in a log file with Linux comm... -0.18
awk to insert after nth occurrence with indentation -1.14
How to find difference between time stored in two strings in shell... -0.43
use awk to search for multiple terms but return only the first matc... -1.39
How can i find HH:MM:SS difference between two UNIX times 0.00
Moving files from 1 directory to other +0.06
Unable to update K8s manifest file by sed 0.00
Finding matching blocks of code and add or replace content in the s... 0.00
Linux can`t create table in mysql workbench 0.00
awk copy info after space to new column -0.76
AWK: How to number auto-increment? -0.67
How to grep two separate logs file? , currently output to only one... +0.10
How can I replace unknown values in known positions in a line? -1.00
bash: cut specific strings before the last delimiter -1.70
How to get the different size of multiple specified directories in... 0.00