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1492.41 (4,237,590th)
11 (1,959,220th)
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Title Δ
Angular Find the selector of an element to change the color 0.00
Git basic - merging old branch into master +4.16
How do you switch between branches in VSCode with GIT? 0.00
Remove everything from the master branch +1.04
Git. How to roll back changes in certain file in a chain of commits? -2.14
Git... Branches Dedicated to CSS, Comments, & Refactoring? Is i... 0.00
Extract string value of an ENUM in a Typescript Object -0.37
Git: How to get a list of pushed branches to remote master? -1.96
Made changes on a feature branch after it was already merged to mas... -3.95
How to get the branch name created recently 0.00
Will the uncommitted change also will push along in Git? 0.00
How you do you call a method once rendering is done in Vue? -0.82
Stop tracking file locally, but let other repo users keep tracking... 0.00
How do I discard staged files using git? +4.05
How to change the state of a vue when you click the check button 0.00
git same file,different content in that file what will happen when... +0.01
How to stash WIP changes at origin? 0.00
Unable to add,commit or push local file to bitbucket repo 0.00
VueJS: render new component after click +3.89
Compare array of objects: Ramda way +4.99
Declare object property in a Class - Vue 0.00
Side-effects-in-computed-properties -3.55
git alias for force pushing to branch -2.09
How to reset head of master branch to a previous commit with GitPyt... 0.00
How to revert a change in remote repository without creating a new... +4.33
Git: How to rebase and squash "Merge remote-tracking branch&qu... 0.00
Delete a Git Branch and disable the restore Button 0.00
Delete all branches that are no longer on Github +1.99
Does a new commit include changes from old commit? 0.00
Bitbucket/git cant see changed files in status after git reset 0.00
Type '{}[]' is missing the following properties from type &... +0.20
re-enable button @click.once after clicking -3.21
creating top 5 aggregation with ramdajs -0.70
How to set/get data from other imported components? 0.00
Updating the values sent to child component on user click in vuejs 0.00
TypeScript: Easier way to Initialize Nested Objects? +4.61
Git Checkout - npm run watch - nothing changed 0.00
How can i use an multidimensional array for the v-model in Vue? 0.00
Files overwritten when trying to merge two branches using git 0.00
git diff does not show new file 0.00
Commit is removed in local Git -1.81
Typescript variable generics -1.79
GitHub - Pull localy an existing project and replace existing files... 0.00
Why can't I switch branches, when trying to use Git Checkout in... -4.06
How to overwrite an old commit with another-branch's commit? -1.94
Why do I get an undefined error when calling a function without par... -2.75
How do I remove my git directory when I accidentally created one in... +4.10
Local branch after using git clone -3.91
Xcode Source control commit winow showing no files 0.00
Reactivity: change property in array, applied on window event -2.54