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Karl Reid

1522.19 (27,969th)
1,613 (102,153rd)
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Title Δ
Iframe not integrating (with stripe ) over HTTPS despite being on s... 0.00
How to create a Stripe subscription with a variable quantity? 0.00
How to pass email to stripe when using stripe elements? -0.43
InvoiceId returns null on stripe c# 0.00
Stripe failing to charge on PHP 7.2 0.00
BrowserExtension webRequest.onBeforeRequest return promise 0.00
how to remove inner brackets from arraylist object in javascript 0.00
How can I find a range in an array using user input? -2.20
Returning/Passing Variables in Java +4.36
Parsing dissimilar Json data into an array -1.17
subtracting elements in an array from elements in another array 0.00
JS Memory Leak while trying to split text node 0.00
Does policy work for self-hosted extensions? 0.00
Keep getting ReferenceError: fter is not defined 0.00
Why is "application/octet-stream" not called "applic... 0.00
How to update, push object to object? -0.01
not boolean value but use || +4.28
Accessing some data of an object inside an array of objects +3.69
JSON.parse reviver function nested objects 0.00
Regular Expressions are not returning correct solution 0.00
Collection inside Classes in javascript 0.00
javascript object expression notation is not working properly +4.16
How to not add to list after 10 +3.49
Most terminal commands either say "invalid option" or &qu... 0.00
JavaScript -- mix strings -0.53
Rearrange an array in maximum minimum form by javascript +0.34
Changing property of an object in Javascript +3.96
Allowing access to api only from local server 0.00
why new Date("Tue Apr 08 2008 00:00:00 GMT+0530").getMont... +4.03
Passport Facebook strategy returns undefined values 0.00
How to execute a statement which was a string initially +0.27
How to add value in an array with function -2.48
JavaScript not working after Chrome update 0.00
REST method calling @async 0.00
Is alt the same as alt=""? +4.11
calling a function and callback not working 0.00
Math.random() not being recognized -0.81
Why is the data showing up incorrectly in the chart? 0.00
How to use this function AddToArray? -2.37
JavaScript function notations difference -0.41
filtering an array and keeping a reference to the index from origin... -3.85
Watch on all attributes of an object in AngularJS +4.00
Javascript Regex Replace - Random numbers appear 0.00
Angular search object array +3.68
How to add all quantity field in an array of object in JavaScript +3.13
Javascript: removing object from array stored in localStorage? +4.17
javascript function return value for html form validation 0.00
Difference between concat and push? -3.00
How a three-dimensional array use 'every' function in javas... -0.24
Why different names for ngClass and NgClass 0.00